Family Court definition

Family Court means a Family Court constituted under section 5 of the Family Justice Act 2014;
Family Court means the judicial arm of the Tribe that is designated to handle all matters under this Law.
Family Court means the Family Court of Australia;

Examples of Family Court in a sentence

  • It transpires that the Family Court of the State of New York has issued child abuse non-bailable warrants against respondent no.6.

  • On August 08, 2007, the petitioner filed the petition for modification (Custody) and Violation Petition (Custody) before the Family Court of the State of New York on which a show cause notice came to be issued to respondent no.6. On that very day, the petitioner was granted temporary sole legal and physical custody of Adithya and respondent no.

  • I emphasise the crucial nature of this clause because unless one of those three factors is present, the Family Court will not have the power to make an order to adjust the property interests of the parties.

  • It clearly identifies that the new part to be inserted in the Family Court Act will deal with property interests.

  • This issue is currently the subject of some debate among the legal profession because most people get an extension of up to two or three years before the Family Court.

More Definitions of Family Court

Family Court means the Family Court Subdivision of the Division established under section 4(1) in which family matters are heard and addressed;
Family Court means the Family Court pursuant to the Family Court Law, Chapter 151 of the Oneida Code of Laws. All references to “Court” shall also apply to the Family Court unless specified otherwise.
Family Court means the Family Court of Western Australia created by the Family Court Act 1975.
Family Court means the Family Court referred to in section 13 of the Children Act 1998 [title 27 item 26];
Family Court means theFamily Court of Australia.
Family Court means a Department of this Court assigned to family cases.
Family Court means the court vested with jurisdiction under section 8 of the Young Offenders Act 1950;