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  • Where a Contract Performance Notice has been discussed and is not withdrawn, the default position is that a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is agreed (and/or, if the safety of patients, staff or the public is at risk, an Immediate Action Plan is implemented).

  • HEE and the Provider may agree an Immediate Action Plan to be implemented concurrently with the Joint Investigation.

  • The PRSP has been supported by a Medium-Term Expenditure Framework, Immediate Action Plan, a separate Poverty Monitoring and Analysis System, District Poverty Monitoring and Analysis System and sectoral business plans for managing development results.

  • The debate on the formulation of SO-K – whether to have a gender dedicated SO or to mainstream gender throughout all strategic objectives – was also very intense among member countries and the Immediate Action Plan Secretariat, but it appeared that the rest of the organization was less involved.

  • With the assistance of Dr. Julia Hughes7, the following benchmarks have been developed for monitoring the outcomes of Immediate Action Plan.

  • The desirability of mutual agreement may in fact underlie the historical process of gathering all parties in a single location for a signature ceremony, since such a setting, with all parties observing each other signing the contract, establishes common knowledge concerning the parties agreement to the contract.Indeed, we can draw a further conclusion.

  • The Immediate Action Plan (IAP) was institutionalized to ensure a more effective implementation of reform priorities.

  • This will form part of the Immediate Action Plan proposed to the special Session of the Conference.

  • The overall objective of the Retreat was to discuss the direction and scope of AGN‟s future work in nutrition, taking into consideration the specific remarks and recommendations made by the Independent External Evaluation (IEE) on nutrition and the draft Immediate Action Plan for implementing FAO‟s Reform programme.

  • Benchmarks Just as providers will be held accountable for outcomes, so too will the units and individuals responsible for implementing the Immediate Action Plan.

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  • Corporate Actions means any actions undertaken by or relating to an issuer of Securities that has an effect upon the Company or a Fund including, without limitation, the inception of Court Actions.

  • Corrective Action Plan has the meaning set forth in Section II.A.2.

  • Adverse action means any administrative, civil, equitable or criminal action permitted by a state's laws which is imposed by a licensing board or other authority against a nurse, including actions against an individual's license or multistate licensure privilege such as revocation, suspension, probation, monitoring of the licensee, limitation on the licensee's practice, or any other encumbrance on licensure affecting a nurse's authorization to practice, including issuance of a cease and desist action.

  • Annual Action Plan means the annual plan required and approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that outlines the state’s processes and procedures for distribution of CDBG funds. The annual action plan is an annual update to the state’s CDBG consolidated plan. The federal requirements for an annual action plan can be found at The annual action plan can be found on the authority’s CDBG Web site.

  • Disclosure Statement means the Disclosure Statement for Debtors’ Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization, dated as of October 15, 2020, as may be amended, supplemented, or modified from time to time, including all exhibits and schedules thereto and references therein that relate to the Plan, that is prepared and distributed in accordance with the Bankruptcy Code, the Bankruptcy Rules, and any other applicable law.

  • Representative of a prospective contractor means an officer or director of a corporation, a member or manager of a limited liability corporation, a partner of a partnership or a trustee of a trust of the prospective contractor.

  • Defined Contribution Plan means a retirement program that provides for an individual account for each participant and for benefits based solely upon the amount contributed to the participant's account, and any income, expenses, gains, and losses credited or charged to the account, and any forfeitures of accounts of other participants that may be allocated to the participant's account.