Hazardous occupation definition

Hazardous occupation means an occupation designated in the regulations or the OHS code as a hazardous occupation;
Hazardous occupation means occupations regulated by State and Federal child-labor and wage-and-hour laws, regulations, and hazardous orders as prohibited for minors with limited exemptions permitted for students who are enrolled in an approved career and technical education program or program of study and who are participating in a cooperative education experience or apprenticeship training.
Hazardous occupation means a State prohibited occupation for any minor under the age of sixteen or under the age of eighteen in non-agricultural employment.

More Definitions of Hazardous occupation

Hazardous occupation means any occupation defined as hazardous by the United States Department of Labor under 29 U.S.C.
Hazardous occupation means the job title or nature is aircrew, fisherman, armed occupation (including temporarily armed occupation), jockey, fire fighter, mining worker (including but not limited to coal, zinc, diamond and gold), atomic/nuclear energy related risk, quarrying worker, race track worker, butcher/slaughtering with usage of heavy machine, railway installation and maintenance worker, chemical product manufacturing worker, scaffolder, construction manual worker, ship crew (except those working at pier only), container terminal crane operator, steeplejack, petroleum and coal products (refining gas, asphalt and lubricating oils), steel manufacturing worker, oil and gas rig worker, professional diving, gondola worker, dock worker, stunt person, explosives (use and manufacturing), aerial photography and excavation (including drilling).
Hazardous occupation means employment, which has an associated danger or peril and a degree of risk for personal injury or illness.
Hazardous occupation means an occupation in which a person works with asbestos, silica, coal dust or lead;
Hazardous occupation means any occupation involving extra risk to life declared to be a hazardous occupation by the Director”.
Hazardous occupation means any occupation defined as hazardous by the United States Department of Labor under 29 U.S.C. 201 et seq. of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Hazardous occupation means an occupation involving hazardous or very heavy manual work. Some examples of ‘hazardous occupations’ are offshore oil rig workers, fishermen, forestry workers, mining groups or drilling, exploration and explosive related industries, as well as any underground/underwater workers, workers at heights — including riggers, scaffolders, roof workers, antenna erectors, pilots and aircrew of commercial airlines, prison services workers, labourers, firemen, police, ambulance drivers/paramedics; truck drivers; and professional sportspeople or entertainers. If you are not sure whether your current occupation is considered a hazardous occupation you can contact the Insurer (TAL) on 1800 666 136 for more information.