Green definition

Green means products, materials, methods and processes that conserve natural re- sources, reduce energy or water consump- tion, avoid toxic or other polluting emissions or otherwise minimize the environmental im- pact.
Green. Certification. Tenant acknowledges that Landlord may, but shall not be obligated to, seek to obtain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), WELL Building Standard, or other similar “green” certification with respect to the Project and/or the Premises, and Tenant agrees to reasonably cooperate with Landlord, and to provide such information and/or documentation in Tenant’s possession or control as Landlord may reasonably request, in connection therewith.

Examples of Green in a sentence

Taylor L and Coorey P, “Bid to Cut Green Tape Bogs Down in Detail”, Sydney Morning Herald (6 December 2012).

For example, Hepworth A, “Companies Urge War on Environmental ‘Green Tape’”, The Australian (11 April 2012); Crowe D and Hepworth A, “PM tells Premiers to Cut Green Tape to Free Capital”, The Australian (12 April 2012); Wroe D, “States to Get Say in Abbott Green Tape Plan”, Sydney Morning Herald (20 April 2012); Hepworth A, “Business Leaders Warn of ‘Green Tape’ Cost Blowouts”, The Australian (3 July 2012).

Green R, The Battle to Save the Franklin (Fontana/ACF, 1981), cited in Toyne, n 6, p 38, suggested that, in fact, the Hydro-Electric Commission had an extraordinary level of political power.

Green points correspond to the labeled data or features, while the red points correspond to the unlabeled data or features.

Green, ‘‘The Pacific and the International Labour Conference’’, Pacific Affairs, 3 (1930), pp.

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Green means enhanced energy efficiency or use of environmentally-preferable, sustainable materials, products or methods in design, construction, manufacture or operation, as recognized by a "Green standards-setter".
Green special stage means:
Green means the aboveground shoots or leaves of:
Green means Green Acquisition Corp., a Pennsylvania corporation and a wholly owned Subsidiary of CRR Parent.
Green during the preceding month; and (vi) trend or statistical analysis with respect to each CPS & KPI as requested by Sprint. The Preliminary Monthly CPS Report shall be due on the [**] day of the following month and the Final Monthly CPS Report shall be due on the [**] day of the following month. The Monthly CPS Report, delivered on the [**] day of the following month, will include each CPS/KPI being tracked by Amdocs. Amdocs will continue to provide a service level data feed to Sprint for the Service Scope system. New solutions will be reviewed and collaborated as the web reporting definition evolves.
Green or vice-versa.