Frontage definition

Frontage means and refer to all the property on one side of a street between two intersecting streets measured along the line of the street, or if the street is dead-ended, then all of the property abutting on one side between an intersecting street and the dead end of the street.
Frontage means the length of the property line of any one lot parallel to and along each legally accessible public street;
Frontage means the length or width in feet applied to a lot based on the benefit received from the abutting water line, as determined by the District.

Examples of Frontage in a sentence

  • Frontage works for all developments must be in accordance with the SSC Public Domain Design Manual.

  • Frontage Roads shown on the Plans shall be constructed prior to the closing of any access routes unless other approved access is provided and is acceptable to the property owner.

  • No additional measurement will be made for ramps, Auxiliary Lanes, service roads, Frontage Roads, or Shoulders.

  • Frontage: 100 feet on an accepted, existing, or approved city street.

  • To this end a Detailed Frontage Works application under the Roads Act 1993 must be submitted to Sutherland Shire Council, prior to the release of the Construction Certificate.

More Definitions of Frontage

Frontage means the boundary line between a lot and the thoroughfare upon which that lot abuts;
Frontage means the boundary of a parcel abutting a City Road right-of-way. Where the parcel abuts more than one City road right-of-way other than a lane, the frontage shall be that boundary having the least measurement.
Frontage means the length of a lot line which immediately adjoins a street other than a lane or walkway.
Frontage means the length of the property line along any public right-of-way on which it borders.
Frontage means the footage, ten (10) feet minimum length, of a Lot or tract (but not an easement) boundary that is parallel to or curvilinear to, and immediately adjacent to a Main Extension in a Public Thoroughfare or easement.
Frontage means that boundary of a lot along an existing or dedicated public street, or where no public street exists, along a public way. Where a lot abuts more than one street, the Board shall determine the frontage for purposes of this Ordinance.