Bay definition

Bay means parking bay;
Bay in relation to scaffolds, means that portion of the scaffold between horizontal or vertical supports whether standards or supports from which the portion is suspended, which are adjacent longitudinally;
Bay means an indentation of the coast such that its area is not less than that of the semi- circle whose diameter is a line drawn across the mouth of the indentation, and for the purposes of this definition the area of an indentation shall be taken to be the area bounded by the low-water line around the shore of the indentation and the straight line joining the low-water lines of its natural entrance points, and where, because of the presence of islands, an indentation has more than one mouth the length of the diameter of the semi- circle referred to shall be the sum of the lengths of the straight lines drawn across each of the mouths, and in calculating the area of an indentation the area of any islands lying within it shall be treated as part of the area of the indentation;

Examples of Bay in a sentence

If a bidder wishes to bring additional information to the notice of the Mossel Bay Municipality, it should do so in writing to the Mossel Bay Municipality.

Any effort by the firm to influence the Mossel Bay Municipality in the bid evaluation, bid comparison or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of the bid.

See: Over our Dead Body Society Inc v Byron Bay Community Association Inc [2001] NSWLEC 125.

Travel outside the San Francisco Bay area, including transportation and meals, will be reimbursed at actual cost subject to the City of Palo Alto’s policy for reimbursement of travel and meal expenses for City of Palo Alto employees.

Bidders shall not contact the Mossel Bay Municipality on any matter relating to their bid from the time of the opening of the bid to the time the contract is awarded.

More Definitions of Bay

Bay means the tidal waters within the port.
Bay means a self‐contained unit of part of a building or of the whole building which can be sold or leased for individual occupancy.
Bay means each of six (6) removable, autonomous processing units which can accept a consumable cartridge that contains the reagents and instructions for a diagnostic test, as more fully described in the Specifications.
Bay means a structural section of the superstructure forming a closed loop between two planes which are perpendicular to the vertical longitudinal central plane of the vehicle. A bay contains one window (or door) pillar on each side of the vehicle as well as side wall elements, a section of the roof structure and a section of the floor and underfloor structure.
Bay means a well-marked indentation on the coast the area of which is as large as, or larger than, that of the semi-circle whose diameter is a line drawn across the mouth
Bay means an area situated within a building or under a roof or other structure and whether or not is situated on a paved or unpaved surface.