Shoreline definition

Shoreline means the upper reaches of the wash of the waves, other than storm and seismic waves, at high tide during the season of the year in which the highest wash of the waves occurs, usually evidenced by the edge of vegetation growth, or the upper limit of debris left by the wash of the waves.
Shoreline means the existing intersection of water with the ground surface or with any permanent, shore-connected facility.
Shoreline. - means the land covered by water for such a period of time that it no longer features the natural vegetation or marks a distinct boundary from the water environment and the soil of the waterbody and the vegetation of the surrounding land;

Examples of Shoreline in a sentence

  • The Center for Sustainable Coast reasoned that each time the DNR issues a letter of permission to a third party, it violates the Shoreline Protection Act by allowing unlawful alterations of Georgia’s coastal lands.

  • Out of all the property taxes paid by a Shoreline resident, about 13% goes tothe City of Shoreline.

  • Shoreline litter can be harmful to wildlife and a source of water pollution.

  • Jasmine Matheson was with the Refugee Health Program, Washington State Department of Health, Shoreline.

  • B Burnett County Shoreline Buffer Restoration urnett County requires that a natural zone of vegetation at least 35 feet deep be left intact next to the water.

More Definitions of Shoreline

Shoreline means the line of mean high water along that portion of a land mass which is in direct contact with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
Shoreline means the mean high water mark of any lake, pond, river, or permanent stream.
Shoreline means the bank of the body of water as determined pursuant to the Surveys Act;
Shoreline means the line of the bed and shore of the body of water;
Shoreline means those lands defined as shorelines of the state in the Shoreline Management Act of 1971, Chapter 90.58 RCW, as amended or updated.
Shoreline or “shore” means the interface of land and water and, as used in the coastal management element requirements, is limited to oceanic and estuarine interfaces.
Shoreline means that area of the shorelands where land and water meet.