Replacement Vehicle definition

Replacement Vehicle means a Leased Vehicle that is purchased by the Qualified Intermediary in exchange for a related Liquidated Vehicle, in accordance with and pursuant to § 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, or any statute or regulation of similar effect.
Replacement Vehicle means any vehicle provided by or on behalf of us to you in temporary replacement of the Vehicle to provide continuous mobility under this Agreement;
Replacement Vehicle means a vehicle purchased to replace a state vehicle that has met replacement cycle criteria.

Examples of Replacement Vehicle in a sentence

  • The Vehicle or Replacement Vehicle may only be driven by Drivers and may only be used by or for the benefit of the Disabled Person.

  • You must ensure that the Vehicle or Replacement Vehicle is not used for any unlawful or immoral purpose or in contravention of any legal requirement.

More Definitions of Replacement Vehicle

Replacement Vehicle means an Eligible Vehicle (i) which is owned by any Leasing Company or any Lessee, (ii) which is in the possession of any Leasing Company or any Lessee, (iii) with respect to which the Vehicle Perfection and Documentation Requirements have been satisfied, (iv) which is subject to no Liens other than the Lien of the Master Collateral Agent and (v) which (a) has been acquired pursuant to an Exchange Agreement as a Replacement Vehicle for a Designated Vehicle or Designated Vehicles, (b) (1) has a Net Book Value equal to or greater than the aggregate Termination Value of the Designated Vehicle or Designated 126 34 Vehicles which it replaces or (2) has a Net Book Value when aggregated with the Net Book Value of one or more other Replacement Vehicles tendered in exchange for a Designated Vehicle equal to or greater than the Termination Value for such Designated Vehicle and (c) has been designated on the Servicer's computer system as a Related Vehicle with respect to the Beneficiary to which the related Designated Vehicle or Designated Vehicles are designated.
Replacement Vehicle means a vehicle to which a permit issued under section 10A for another vehicle has been transferred pursuant to rules made under section 10A(4)(ha);
Replacement Vehicle means the value of a Replacement Vehicle matching the original Vehicle specification or an equivalent superseding model in the event this is no longer available. Where the original Vehicle was purchased as a Used Vehicle, the cost of the Replacement Vehicle will be based on a similar age and mileage of the original Vehicle when it was purchased by You, limited to a maximum of the Glass’s Guide Retail valuation at the Point of Total Loss. The cost of the Replacement Vehicle will include all manufacturer options, up to £1,500 of dealer fitted accessories, the unexpired portion of any non transferable warranty charges or insurance premiums, paint protection applications and road fund licence that were supplied with the original vehicle, applicable first registration fees and delivery charges, plus any discounts available. This insurance will not cover the cost of any manufacturer options or dealer fitted accessories that exceed the specification of the original insured vehicle. Fuel is not covered by this insurance.
Replacement Vehicle means the cost of a replacement new vehicle of the same make, model and derivative as your vehicle (including all factory fitted accessories, delivery for a new vehicle and up to a maximum of £1,500 for dealer fitted accessories) after any discount given including any government grants finance deposit allowances and/or dealer contributions. The replacement vehicle cost does NOT include the cost of road fund licence, new vehicle registration fee, fuel, paintwork and/or upholstery protection kits, service plans insurance premiums (including this premium), warranty premiums, any arrears or any finance carried over from a previous finance agreement. If your vehicle model is no longer available, then the price of the nearest equivalent vehicle will be used. We will decide on what the nearest equivalent vehicle will be.
Replacement Vehicle has the meaning specified in the Master Exchange Agreement.
Replacement Vehicle means the new on-road heavy-duty vehicle purchased by the Program Participant.
Replacement Vehicle means a vehicle loaned by a motor vehicle repair