FI definition

FI is the highest marginal rate of income tax applicable to the Officer under the Code for the taxable year in question;
FI means with respect to any Observation Day in the Accrual Period, the EONIA interest rate (expressed as an percentage) calculated and published (through any such publication channel that Eurex Clearing AG deems appropriate) by the European Central Bank for such Observation Day.

Examples of FI in a sentence

  • FI = All India Wholesale Price Index for Fuel, Oil & Lubricant for the period under consideration as published by Economic Advisor to Govt.

  • User authorizes FI to disclose to Autobooks, and authorizes Autobooks to disclose to any TPSP, any information requested by Autobooks in connection with the approval process.

  • In connection with such approval, Autobooks may request or require information regarding User and User’s business operations from User or FI.

  • De Paepe ME, Sardesai MP, Johnson BD, Lesieur-Brooks AM, Papadakis K, Luks FI.

  • De Paepe ME, Gundavarapu S, Tantravahi U, Pepperell JR, Haley SA, Luks FI, Mao Q.

More Definitions of FI

FI means Fiat Industrial S.p.A.;
FI means the expected flow in commercial situation i;
FI is equal to the number of Product units found to be defective at the Test Final Visual Inspection. FI will also include the number of units found to be defective at Fine and Gross Leak test if the Fine and Gross leak test is part of the test flow, typically performed after Electrical Test.
FI means the bank, credit union, or other financial institution through which the Services are made accessible to User.
FI means P.T. Freeport Indonesia Company, a limited liability company organized under the laws of Indonesia and domesticated in Delaware.
FI means the eligible biomass as fired fuel input, in pounds, for fired shipment i;