AC definition

AC means alternating current as measured at the point of interconnection of the small power producer’s facility to the interconnecting electrical utility’s transmission or distribution system.

Examples of AC in a sentence

  • A Transmission Interconnection Customer interconnecting Merchant D.C. Transmission Facilities and/ or Controllable A.C. Merchant Transmission Facilities shall design its Customer Facility to maintain a power factor at the Point of Interconnection of at least 0.95 leading and 0.95 lagging, when the Customer Facility is operating at any level within its approved operating range.

  • While the Second Circuit has emphasized that school districts must comply with the checklist of procedures for developing a student's IEP and indicated that "[m]ultiple procedural violations may cumulatively result in the denial of a FAPE even if the violations considered individually do not" (R.E., 694 F.3d at 190-91), the Court has also explained that not all procedural errors render an IEP legally inadequate under the IDEA (M.H., 685 F.3d at 245; A.C. v.

  • The real property is described as vacant land with a total gross area of ☐ Square Feet (SF) ☐ Acres (AC).

  • The Specific Plan Amendment and Rezone request proposes to change 4.14 acres from Shopping Center (SC) to Auto Commercial (AC) for the properties located at 8400 Auto Passage Drive and 8401 Lotz Parkway.

  • Applicable Technical Requirements and Standards shall apply to the design, procurement, construction and installation of the Interconnection Facilities and Merchant A.C. Transmission Facilities only to the extent that the provisions thereof relate to the design, procurement, construction and/or installation of such facilities.

More Definitions of AC

AC means Advisory Circular.
AC has the meaning provided in the recitals to this Agreement.
AC means air-conditioning.
AC means alternating current at 60 Hertz.
AC means the aggregate of your actual energy consumption in each half hourly period at such AMR Sites for the Relevant Period (in kWh);
AC means acre.