Feasibility definition

Feasibility means the likelihood that the project will obtain the financing necessary to allow for full completion of the project and the likelihood that the proposed redevelopment or improvement that is the subject of the project will be fully completed.
Feasibility means that upon admission benefits will accrue to both parties;
Feasibility means a study conducted on the debtors who will be included within the scope of the financial restructuring, in order to determine whether these debtors may again become solvent if and to the extent their debts are restructured or are rescheduled under a new repayment plan, by examining their assets and on and off-balance sheet facilities as a whole,

Examples of Feasibility in a sentence

  • Based on the 2020 Feasibility Study (FS) which is intended to be read as a whole and sections should not be read or relied upon out of context.

  • As soon as practicable after receiving the Transmission Developer’s election in the Scoping Meeting in accordance with Section to pursue an Optional Feasibility Study for its Transmission Project, the ISO shall tender to the Transmission Developer and the Connecting Transmission Owner an Optional Feasibility Study Agreement.

  • At the Scoping Meeting, the Transmission Developer shall specify for inclusion in the attachment to the Optional Feasibility Study Agreement the Point(s) of Interconnection and any reasonable alternative configurations, not to exceed two alternative configurations.

  • The Optional Feasibility Study Agreement shall specify that the Transmission Developer is responsible for the actual costs incurred by the ISO and the Connecting Transmission Owner for the Optional Feasibility Study.

  • Transmission Interconnection Studies shall mean any of the following studies: the Optional Feasibility Study, the System Impact Study, and the Facilities Study described in the Transmission Interconnection Procedures.

More Definitions of Feasibility

Feasibility means that measure could be constructed and if constructed would control flooding. If an alternative does not provide safe egress from the structure, than it is considered not feasible. The following measures are not feasible as documented in Section 6: floodway creation/enlargement, wetland restoration/creation, dam rehabilitation, sediment removal/channel dredging (with exception of small debris jam at Simmons Brook, see Note 12), constraint removal (bridges), elevating structures, and earthen berm dikes.
Feasibility of classical planning means: state of the art classical planners work surprisingly well in practice [76], despite the well-known theory to the contrary [24].
Feasibility means analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or a proposed business venture, taking into consideration the opportunities offered and the risks present. ‘Feasibility’ can be economic feasibility, legal feasibility, market and real estate feasibility, resource feasibility, financial feasibility, etc. ‘Viability’ on the other hand is the study of the existing business or proposed venture’s sustainability. Apart from determining whether the proposal should be approved or not, it involves dealing with strategies on how to make the business grow and last. Business growth and sustainability are the important aspects of viability. In the instant case ‘feasibility and viability’ is to be viewed holistically. The technical, market, economic, financial, model viability is to be taken into consideration as it is ultimately linked to the profitability of the business. Business sustainability is defined as managing the financial, social and
Feasibility. , by definition, means "capable of being done or carried out." See, e.g. http://www.merriam- webster.com/dictionary/feasible.
Feasibility means that your Chapter 13 plan proposes to pay enough money to the Chapter 13 Trustee to allow the Trustee to pay all the creditors in the manner your plan directs they should be paid. Even if your plan is confirmed, it may lack feasibility for several reasons. If you receive something indicating your plan is not feasible, you should contact your attorney to make sure you understand the effect on your case.