Facility Personnel definition

Facility Personnel means the personnel employed by a hazardous waste management facility and who are responsible for, or who supervise, or who engage in the handling, sorting, mixing, treatment, analyzing, or disposal of hazardous waste and the operation of any equipment of machinery necessary to complete these tasks.
Facility Personnel means those individuals who are employed by Operator or its Affiliates to perform services in respect of the Facility under this Agreement.
Facility Personnel means all employees, contractors and other persons employed by Operator in connection with providing the Services, which persons shall be located at, or provide services at the Facility. Facility Personnel includes the Facility Manager, on-site operations staff, on-site back office and support staff, and on-site managers.

Examples of Facility Personnel in a sentence

  • Facility Personnel shall be qualified and experienced in the duties to which they are assigned.

  • Each agreement with an Affiliate of Operator, other than for Facility Personnel to perform the Services, shall reflect costs that are no greater in any material respect than Operator could obtain on an arm’s-length basis with a bona fide third party at such time.

  • To facilitate employee transfer, Operator shall permit the replacement service provider and the Non- Operator Owner to interview such Facility Personnel for potential positions with such replacement operator in a manner and at times that do not interfere with Operator’s responsibility to perform the Services.

More Definitions of Facility Personnel

Facility Personnel means the permanent or temporary employees or representatives of Operator employed or retained at a Facility solely to provide Services relating to such Facility.
Facility Personnel. Shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2(B)(1)(c) (Facility Personnel).
Facility Personnel means Facility's agents or employees who provide Facility

Related to Facility Personnel

  • Facility means the entire operation located on the property where the Equipment is located;

  • Availability Period means the period from and including the Effective Date to but excluding the earlier of the Maturity Date and the date of termination of the Commitments.

  • Facility Owner has the meaning given to the term facility owner in Section 17(6) of the Act;

  • Incremental Revolving Facility Lender means a Lender with an Incremental Revolving Facility Commitment or an outstanding Incremental Revolving Loan.

  • Ancillary Facility means any ancillary facility made available by an Ancillary Lender in accordance with Clause 6 (Ancillary Facilities).

  • Ancillary Commitment means, in relation to an Ancillary Lender and an Ancillary Facility, the maximum Base Currency Amount which that Ancillary Lender has agreed (whether or not subject to satisfaction of conditions precedent) to make available from time to time under an Ancillary Facility and which has been authorised as such under Clause 9 (Ancillary Facilities), to the extent that amount is not cancelled or reduced under this Agreement or the Ancillary Documents relating to that Ancillary Facility.