Social Workers Sample Clauses

Social Workers. At the time of employment and subject to (b) above, full credit for specialized social work in a school program shall be given. Full credit for clinical social work experience may be given, subject to approval by the Human Resources Division. For purposes of advancing to a higher track, graduate work under- taken must be approved by the appropriate supervisor and the Human Re- sources Division. Such approval will not be withheld arbitrarily. Credit for a master’s degree shall be given only in the field of social work.
Social Workers. Type C Social Workers entering the bargaining unit in FY 06 shall not receive less than their FY 06 classified annual PCN salary despite their placement on the FY 06 salary schedule. Such grandparented Social Workers shall continue to receive their FY 06 classified annual PCN salary thereafter, until such time as it is exceeded by their placement on the salary schedule.
Social Workers. The number of school social worker positions in the District shall be based on the following formulas: excluding center programs, there shall be one school social worker for each 2,500 students enrolled in K-12. If this ratio increases in excess of ten percent (10%), an additional part-time social worker shall be provided no later than four (4) weeks subsequent to determination of said overload.
Social Workers. When there is a change of assignment for a school social worker, sufficient time will be allowed for the social worker to come to closure with his/her students, school staff and to complete records.
Social Workers. Social Workers hired by the Employer, may be given credit on the teacher salary schedule for professional social work experience done under professional licensure. Credit for combined years of prior experience as a teacher, military experience or professional social work, experience shall be allowed at a rate of one (1) year for each of the twelve (12) months continuous service up to a maximum of ten (10) years, as per credit requirements in the Salary Guidelines.
Social Workers. The National Association of School Nurses recommends a social work to student ratio of 1:500
Social Workers. When there is a change of assignment for a school social worker, sufficient time will be allowed for the social worker to come to closure with his/her students, school staff and to complete records. The District and the Union recognize the importance of keeping a social worker's caseload to 40 or less cases. However, in the event that a social worker's caseload exceeds 40 cases, the District and the Union will meet to determine the most effective way to address the situation.
Social Workers. A. The work load shall not exceed that which would necessitate working more than seven (7) hours per day.

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