Facilitation Payment definition

Facilitation Payment means a direct or indirect payment to a Public Official to carry out or expedite the performance of a routine government action. Routine government actions include, but are not limited to, clearing customs, processing visas and scheduling inspections.
Facilitation Payment means a payment to facilitate or expedite performance of a routine governmental action which is an action which is commonly performed by a Government Official.
Facilitation Payment means a form of unofficial payment made with the purpose to secure or expedite the performance of a routine or necessary action.

Examples of Facilitation Payment in a sentence

  • Facilitation payment means a small payment to a Government Official to expedite or secure the performance of routine government action (actions that are ordinarily and commonly performed).

  • Facilitation payment means the provision of money, goods, or any other advantage to an official of any agency, whether governmental or private, to secure or expedite a routine or necessary action.

More Definitions of Facilitation Payment

Facilitation Payment means any payment made to encourage the recipient or a third-party to perform their existing obligations or role, or expedite a routine task they are otherwise obligated to do. These can be payments to perform routine tasks, including (a) the issuance of a permit, license or other document to qualify a person to do business; (b) the processing of official documents, such as visas and work permits; (c) the provision of services normally offered to the public, such as mail pick- up and delivery, telecommunication services and power and water supply; and (d) the provision of services normally provided as required, such as loading and unloading of cargo, the protection of perishable products or commodities from deterioration or the scheduling of inspections related to contract performance or transit of goods.
Facilitation Payment means a payment or other provision made personally to an individual in control of a process or decision. It is given to secure or expedite a routine or administrative duty or function.
Facilitation Payment. – means a minor benefit, often a gift or small cash payment, made to secure, facilitate or expedite the performance by a Public Official of a routine or necessary governmental action or process.
Facilitation Payment means any sums of unofficial payment made to secure, expedite or facilitate an ordinary governmental action, process or procedure to a Public Body.
Facilitation Payment means a small bribe, also called a ‘facilitating’, ‘speed’ or ‘grease’ payment; made to secure or expedite the performance of a routine or necessary action to which the payer has legal or other entitlement.
Facilitation Payment means money paid to a foreign Government Officer in order to promote a speedy processing of general governmental works (e.g. obtaining licenses or approvals, quick processing of official documents such as visas or dealing with unfair delays at customs);
Facilitation Payment means an illegal or unofficial payment for the performance of a routine action that the payer is supposed to receive. An example of a facilitation payment is a small bribe to expedite the processing of an application by a governmental official.