Equity Transfer definition

Equity Transfer shall have the meaning given to such term in Paragraph 6(c) of the Agreement Regarding Leases.
Equity Transfer means any transaction in which your owners or you sell, assign, transfer, convey, pledge, or suffer or permit the transfer or assignment of, any percentage of your Equity Interests that will result in a change in control of you to persons other than those disclosed on Schedule B, as in effect prior to the transaction. Unless there are contractual modifications to your owners' rights, an Equity Transfer of a corporation or limited liability company occurs when either majority voting rights or beneficial ownership of more than 50% of the Equity Interests changes. An Equity Transfer of a partnership occurs when a newly admitted partner will be the managing, sole or controlling general partner, directly or indirectly through a change in control of the Equity Interests of an entity general partner. An Equity Transfer of a trust occurs when either a new trustee with sole investment power is substituted for an existing trustee, or a majority of the beneficiaries convey their beneficial interests to persons other than the beneficiaries existing on the Effective Date. An Equity Transfer does not occur when the Equity Interest ownership among the owners of Equity Interests on the Effective Date changes without the admission of new Equity Interest owners. An Equity Transfer occurs when you merge, consolidate or issue additional Equity Interests in a transaction which would have the effect of diluting the voting rights or beneficial ownership of your owners' combined Equity Interests in the surviving entity to less than a majority.
Equity Transfer shall have the meaning set forth in Article 2.1.

Examples of Equity Transfer in a sentence

  • Ltd., a shareholder of Party C, intends to transfer its registered capital contribution of RMB11,646,220 to Party B (the “Beijing Langmafeng Equity Transfer”), and shareholder Xx Xxx intends to transfer his registered capital contribution of RMB1,501,006 to Party B (the “Xx Xxx Equity Transfer”, and together with the Beijing Langmafeng Equity Transfer, the “Equity Transfer”).

  • Following the Equity Transfer, Xx Xxx shall no longer hold any Equity in Party C, Beijing Langmafeng Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

  • As Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx has a material interest in the Acquisition and the Equity Transfer Agreement, he has abstained from attending the board meeting and/or voting on the board resolution to approve the Equity Transfer Agreement and the transactions thereunder.

  • The Directors (including the independent non-executive Directors) are of the opinion that the Equity Transfer Agreement and the Acquisition are on normal commercial terms and in the ordinary and usual course of business of the Group, fair and reasonable and in the interests of the Company and its Shareholders as a whole.

More Definitions of Equity Transfer

Equity Transfer means the transaction arrangement whereby the Transferor transfers the Target Equity to the Transferee according to the provisions of this Agreement.
Equity Transfer refers to the assignment of Equity Interests in the Company held by Party A to Party B or its designated third party in accordance with the provisions of the exclusive purchase option agreement (the “Exclusive Purchase Option Agreement”) executed on June 1, 2009.
Equity Transfer shall have the meaning set forth on Exhibit C hereto.
Equity Transfer means the transfer of all the equity in Target Company by the Sellers to the Purchaser as per this Agreement.
Equity Transfer has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.1(1).
Equity Transfer means any assignment, mortgage, encumbrance, hypothecation, conveyance, sale, or other transfer of equity interest in Lead Developer.