Employee Deferral definition

Employee Deferral means an amount deferred by a Participant under the Plan.
Employee Deferral means an amount of Compensation deferred by a Participant under the Plan.
Employee Deferral means the portion of Regular Compensation and/or Bonus that is deferred under the Plan pursuant to a Participant’s Deferral Election.

Examples of Employee Deferral in a sentence

The Participant may defer payment of Payment Values until such date, before or after retirement or other termination of employment, as provided in, and subject to, the Company’s Employee Deferral Plan.

In the event a payout in the form of Shares, after giving effect to any deferral of the Share payout to any deferral plan or program of the Company, including the Employee Deferral Plan, would entitle a Participant to a fractional share of Arch Chemicals, Inc.

The most recent prior elections and beneficiary designations applicable to the Olin Employee Deferral Plan shall govern this Plan unless changed subsequent to the Distribution or is inconsistent with this Plan.

As of the Distribution Date, the cash account and stock account held under the Olin Employee Deferral Plan of each Arch Employee (after giving effect to the adjustment described in Section 6(e) of the Olin Employee Deferral Plan) shall be transferred to this Plan.

The Replacement RSP Employer Deferral shall be posted to the Replacement RSP Employer Account of such Participant as of the same date the Replacement RSP Employee Deferral which it matches is posted.

More Definitions of Employee Deferral

Employee Deferral means a credit to a Participant’s Account that records that portion of the Participant’s Regular Compensation and/or Performance Based Compensation that the Participant has elected to defer in accordance with the provisions of this Plan. Employee Deferrals shall be calculated with respect to the gross Regular Compensation and Performance Based Compensation otherwise payable to the Participant prior to any deduction or withholdings, but shall be reduced by the Plan Administrator as necessary so that it does not exceed 100% of the cash Regular Compensation and/or Performance Based Compensation of the Participant remaining after deduction of all required income and employment taxes, 401(k) and other employee benefit deductions, and other deductions required by law. Changes to payroll withholdings that affect the amount of Regular Compensation and/or Performance Based Compensation being deferred to this Plan shall be allowed only to the extent permissible under Code Section 409A.
Employee Deferral means any amount of Compensation the receipt of which a Participant elects to defer pursuant to Section 4.1.