Matching Contributions definition

Matching Contributions means local cash and/or in-kind contributions made by the Contractor, a subcontractor, or other local resources that qualify as match for the Contract funding.
Matching Contributions means contributions made by the Employer on account of an "eligible Participant's" Elective Deferrals.
Matching Contributions are contributions made by the Employer on account of elective deferrals under a Code Section 401(k) arrangement or on account of employee contributions. Matching contributions also include Participant forfeitures allocated on account of such elective deferrals or employee contributions.

Examples of Matching Contributions in a sentence

  • The preceding sentence shall apply with respect to Matching Contributions under the Plan or, if the Plan provides that the minimum contribution requirement shall be met in another plan, such other plan.

  • Amounts forfeited during the Plan Year shall be used to reduce future Matching Contributions made by the Employer.

  • The distribution events applicable to the Participant's Deferral Contributions Account, Qualified Nonelective Contributions Account and Qualified Matching Contributions Account must satisfy the distribution restrictions described in paragraph (m) of Section 14.03.

  • The Employer must specify in its Adoption Agreement whether the Advisory Committee will allocate matching contributions to the Qualified Matching Contributions Account or to the Regular Matching Contributions Account of each Participant.

  • The Employer shall maintain records sufficient to demonstrate satisfaction of the ACP Test and the amount of Qualified Nonelective Contributions or Qualified Matching Contributions, or both, used in such test.

More Definitions of Matching Contributions

Matching Contributions means the amounts credited to a Participant’s Employer Contribution Account under the Plan by the Employer that are based on the amount of Participant Deferrals made by the Participant under the Plan, or that are based upon such other formula as designated by the Employer in the Adoption Agreement, in accordance with subsection 4.3.
Matching Contributions means the contributions made by the Employer pursuant to Section 3.4.
Matching Contributions means the Company’s matching contributions to the Plan on behalf of an Eligible Employee who is a Participant, as determined in accordance with Section 4.5 of the Plan.
Matching Contributions means the cash, loan proceeds, in-kind labor, equipment, land, other goods, materials, or services a Grantee provides to satisfy any match requirements of a grant or to complete the Project.
Matching Contributions are contributions made by the Employer on account of an Eligible Employee’s Elective Deferrals or Xxxx Elective Deferrals.
Matching Contributions means matching contributions made by the Employer pursuant to Section 3.3(a).
Matching Contributions means the matching contributions described in Section 8 of this Plan.