Deferral definition

Deferral means the amount or amounts of a Participant’s Compensation deferred under the provisions of Section 3.
Deferral means the amount or amounts of an Eligible Participant's Compensation deferred under the provisions of Section 3 of this Plan.
Deferral means approval granted to Operator by a Competent Authority authorising deferred publication of Post-Trade Data as provided for under Article 11 of MiFIR.

Examples of Deferral in a sentence

  • The total incentive received must be directed into the following plans: fifty percent (50%) into the Special Pay Deferral Plan and fifty percent (50%) into the Post- Retirement Health Reimbursement Account.

  • Deferral - The deferral period over which wages are deferred shall be to a maximum of five (5) years.

  • Bonds with Variable Coupon/Coupon Deferral features: If the bonds contain variable and/or deferral of interest payment terms, then the Customer would face uncertainty over the amount and time of the interest payments to be received.

  • Maximum Annual Deferrals Age as of 12/31/2023 General Limit IRC 402(g) Age 50 Catch-Up Limit IRC 414(v) 2023 Combined Deferral Limit Under Age 50 $22,500 N/A $22,500 Age 50 or Older $22,500 $7,500 $30,000 Employee is fully responsible for all computations regarding the salary reduction.

  • The School District will contribute fifty percent (50%) of the teacher’s incentive pay into an account within a Special Pay Deferral Plan administered by a company selected by Education Minnesota - OSSEO and the School District.

More Definitions of Deferral

Deferral means deferring a contractually due payment on a closed-end loan without affecting the other terms, including maturity, of the loan. The account is shown current upon granting the deferral.
Deferral means the period defined by the Higher Education Act and the policies of the related Guarantor during which a Borrower (in Repayment) is entitled to postpone making payments upon the submission of appropriate documentation.
Deferral means an amount credited to a Deferral Account pursuant to a Deferral Agreement.
Deferral means a postponement of the scheduled due date of an instalment as originally scheduled or as previously deferred.
Deferral means a tax deferral described in Section 59-2-1802.
Deferral means a delay or change in the applicability of a scheduled applicable low carbon
Deferral refers to the Deck Officer’s ability to defer all or part of their bid vacation for the reasons stated in Rule 12, Vacation Leave.