Duration of Rental definition

Duration of Rental. The transaction between Owner and Renter regarding Item(s) will hereinafter be described as the "Rental."The Rental begins and ends on: Start Date: XXX End Date: XXX Price: For the rental of Item(s) the Renter agrees to pay and the Owner agrees to accept the following amount: Rental Price: XXX Rental charges are billed to the Renter from the time Item(s) is assigned to the Renter until its return. Rental charges are billed for the full term even if Item(s) is returned before the end of the term. If Item(s) is not returned during or at the end of the term, then the rental charges shall continue on a full-term basis until Item(s) is returned. No allowance is made for Item(s) which is claimed not to have been used. If Item(s) is not returned on the end date, the Owner reserves the right to take the necessary action to regain possession. The Owner does not rent a trailer to Renter for transporting xxxxxx. The Renter may bring a personal trailer or borrow a trailer from the Owner free of charge for the duration of the rental. However, the use of any trailer owned by the Owner is not subject to this agreement and to be treated separately and independently from the Item(s) specified herein. Deposit and Payment: A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the Rental Price (Deposit) is required at the time of reservation and is applied towards the rental. The Owner reserves the right to cancel a rental at any time prior to the start date; the deposit is returned in full at that time. The owner is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by the Renter e.g., travel expenses, in conjunction with a canceled reservation. In case of cancellation, the deposit may be applied towards another rental for up to one year at the Owner's sole and exclusive discretion. Payment of the full Rental Price is due 7 days prior to the start date. Non-payment of the balance is considered a cancellation and the deposit forfeited. Transfer of an Item(s): Item(s) are transferred from the Owner to the Renter at the following pick-up location and the Renter shall return Item(s) to the agreed return location: Pick-up Location: 0000 Xxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx XX 00000 Return Location: 0000 Xxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx XX 00000
Duration of Rental. Date From: To: Equipment Rented: Item Description 1.

Examples of Duration of Rental in a sentence

  • Duration of Rental Period: The rental tenure of the replacement units is secured for at least 20 years, with no application permitted during that period for demolition or conversion to ownership tenure.

  • Duration of Rental of the Bike commences at the time of Bike release, in accordance with point VII.2, 3, 4 of the Terms of Service.

  • It is the responsi- bility of the licensee, and if applicable to a publisher, based on information supplied by the publisher or its agent, to display the fol- lowing notice, “For Information Regarding Any Problems With Your Use of This Machine Call - - , or write(2) Duration of Rental Agreement.

  • The Code for the digital lock is available on the display of the Terminal at the time of Bike Rental (Rental at Terminal) or within the application, through Duration of Rental or it is sent via a text message (Rental through BOK).

  • Texas Rule 1.06 (the counterpart to Model Rule 1.7) is unique among state professional conduct rules because it allows a lawyer to be adverse to a current client on an unrelated matter without consent, at least in the absence of proof that representation in the one case will have an adverse effect on the lawyer‟s representation of his client in the other case.

  • The Code for the digital lock is available on the display of the Terminal at the time of Bike Rental (Rental at Terminal) or within the application, through Duration of Rental or sent via a text message (Rental through CC).6.

  • The basis for calculating the fee for the use of a Bike is the Duration of Rental.

  • In case of noting any bike failures in the course of Duration of Rental, the Client is obliged to immediately report the problem to CC Veturilo or via the Mobile Application and in case of failures preventing further ride, the Client is obliged to stop and notify CC via phone and return the bike to the closest Veturilo Station dedicated for the given type of bike.

  • Boat Type: Motor Type Description: Maximum Number of Persons/ Weight Permitted in Boat: Date of Rental: Duration of Rental : Customer Signature: Date: Rental Representative's Signature: Date: COLORADO RENTAL AGREEMENT:WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY I.

  • The Code for the digital lock is available on the display of the Terminal at thetime of Bike Rental (Rental at Terminal) or within the application, through Duration of Rental or sent via a text message (Rental through CC).6.

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  • Base Rental The total sum of $247,500.00 payable to Lessor at 901 St. Louis Street, Suite 106, Springfield, Missouri 65806, or sucx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx Xxxxxx xx Xxxxxx xx xxiting, shall be due and payable in equal monthly installments of $6,875.00 in advance and without demand or offset on the first day of each calendar month during the Lease Term or any renewal period hereof; the first of such installments shall be paid on the date hereof. If Lessee's occupancy under this Agreement commences on any day other than the first day of a calendar month, then a prorata portion of the Base Rental applicable to the partial first month of occupancy shall be paid on or before the first day of occupancy and shall be in addition to the total Base Rental set forth above.

  • Residential Rental Unit means an area legally licensed or permitted for use as a living space containing a sleeping area, bathing and sanitation facilities and cooking facilities equipped with a cooking range, refrigerator and sink, all of which are separate and distinct from other Residential Rental Units. Reg. §§ 1.103-8(a) 8(i).

  • Fixed term tenancy means a tenancy that has a fixed term of existence, continuing to a

  • Extended Term shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.

  • Additional Rental has the meaning set forth in Section 4.03.

  • Service Commencement Date means the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service pursuant to the terms of an executed Service Agreement, or the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service in accordance with Tariff, Part II, section 15.3 or Tariff, Part III, section 29.1.

  • Fair Rental Value as used in this Lease, shall be equal to the annual rent per rentable square foot (including additional rent and considering any “base year” or “expense stop” applicable thereto), including all escalations, at which tenants (pursuant to leases consummated within the twelve (12) month period preceding the first day of the Option Term), are leasing non-sublease, non-encumbered, non-equity space which is not significantly greater or smaller in size than the subject space, with a comparable level of improvements (excluding any property that Tenant would be allowed to remove from the Premises at the termination of the Lease), for a comparable lease term, in an arm’s length transaction, which comparable space is located in the “Comparable Buildings,” as that term is defined in this Section 2.2.2, below (transactions satisfying the foregoing criteria shall be known as the “Comparable Transactions”), taking into consideration the following concessions (the “Concessions”): (a) rental abatement concessions, if any, being granted such tenants in connection with such comparable space; (b) tenant improvements or allowances provided or to be provided for such comparable space, and taking into account the value, if any, of the existing improvements in the subject space, such value to be based upon the age, condition, design, quality of finishes and layout of the improvements and the extent to which the same can be utilized by a general office/lab user other than Tenant; and (c) other reasonable monetary concessions being granted such tenants in connection with such comparable space; provided, however, that in calculating the Fair Rental Value, no consideration shall be given to the fact that Landlord is or is not required to pay a real estate brokerage commission in connection with Tenant’s exercise of its right to extend the Lease Term, or the fact that landlords are or are not paying real estate brokerage commissions in connection with such comparable space. The Concessions shall be reflected in the effective rental rate (which effective rental rate shall take into consideration the total dollar value of such Concessions as amortized on a straight-line basis over the applicable term of the Comparable Transaction (in which case such Concessions evidenced in the effective rental rate shall not be granted to Tenant)) payable by Tenant. The term “Comparable Buildings” shall mean the Building and those other life sciences buildings which are comparable to the Building in terms of age (based upon the date of completion of construction or major renovation of to the building), quality of construction, level of services and amenities, size and appearance, and are located in South San Francisco, California and the surrounding commercial area.

  • Lease or rental means the leasing or renting of tangible personal property and the possession or use

  • Commencement of Foreclosure The first official action required under local law in order to commence foreclosure proceedings or to schedule a trustee's sale under a deed of trust, including (i) in the case of a mortgage, any filing or service of process necessary to commence an action to foreclose, or (ii) in the case of a deed of trust, posting, the publishing, filing or delivery of a notice of sale, but not including in either case (x) any notice of default, notice of intent to foreclose or sell or any other action prerequisite to the actions specified in (i) or (ii) above, (y) the acceptance of a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (whether in connection with a sale of the related property or otherwise) or (z) initiation and completion of a short pay-off.

  • Annual Fixed Rent See Exhibit A, and Section 3.1.

  • Fair Market Rental The fair market rental of the Leased Property means the rental which a willing tenant not compelled to rent would pay a willing landlord not compelled to lease for the use and occupancy of such Leased Property pursuant to the Lease for the term in question, (a) assuming that Lessee is not in default thereunder and (b) determined in accordance with the appraisal procedures set forth in Article 24 or in such other manner as shall be mutually acceptable to Lessor and Lessee.

  • Term of Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Article 2 of this Agreement;

  • Commencement Date means the date fourteen (14) days after the date the Contract comes into effect or any other date named in the Contract Data.

  • Extended Use Period means the period beginning on the 1st day in the compliance period on which such building is part of a qualified low-income housing project, and ending on the later of the date specified by such agency in such agreement, or the date which is 15 years after the close of the compliance period.

  • Fixed Rent means the Base Rent (as defined in the Operating Lease) payable under the Operating Lease.

  • residential premises means a house, building, structure, shelter, or mobile home, or portion thereof, used as a dwelling, home, residence, or living place by 1 or more human beings. “Residential premises” includes an apartment unit, a boardinghouse, a rooming house, a mobile home, a mobile home space, and a single or multiple family dwelling, but does not include a hotel, a motel, motor home, or other tourist accommodation, when used as a temporary accommodation for guests or tourists, or premises used as the principal place of residence of the owner and rented occasionally during temporary absences including vacation or sabbatical leave.

  • Base Rent The net monthly payment shall be __________________ dollars ($_______________), payable monthly with the first payment due upon the commencement of the Lease and each monthly installment payable thereafter on the ____ day of each month. Said net monthly payment is-hereafter referred to as the "Base Rent". Rent for any period during the term hereon, which is for less than 1 month shall be a pro-rata portion of the monthly rent.

  • Rental Value means Business Income that consists of:

  • Additional Rent(s) means amounts payable under any Lease for (i) the payment of additional rent based upon a percentage of the Tenant’s business during a specified annual or other period (sometimes referred to as “percentage rent”), (ii) so-called common area maintenance or “CAM” charges, and (iii) so called “escalation rent” or additional rent based upon such tenant’s allocable share of insurance, real estate taxes or operating expenses or labor costs or cost of living or xxxxxx’x wages or otherwise.

  • Renewal Rent for the Aircraft means the rent payable therefor in respect of a Renewal Lease Term determined pursuant to Section 17.2.2 of the Lease.

  • Rent Commencement Date means [Insert date or description] or any later date calculated in accordance with paragraph 3.3 of Part 5 of the Schedule;

  • Monthly Rent means the monthly installment of Minimum Annual Rent plus the monthly installment of estimated Annual Operating Expenses payable by Tenant under this Lease.

  • Fair Market Rental Value or "Fair Market Sales Value" shall mean with respect to any property or service as of any date, the cash rent or cash price obtainable in an arm's length lease, sale or supply, respectively, between an informed and willing lessee or purchaser under no compulsion to lease or purchase and an informed and willing lessor or seller or supplier under no compulsion to lease or sell or supply of the property or service in question, and shall, in the case of any Unit or an Owner Lessor's Interest, be determined (except pursuant to Section 17 of the Facility Lease or as otherwise provided below or in the Operative Documents) on the basis that (a) the conditions contained in Sections 7 and 8 of the Facility Lease shall have been complied with in all respects, (b) the lessee or buyer shall have rights in, or an assignment of, the Operative Documents to which the Owner Lessor is a party and the obligations relating thereto, (c) the Unit or the Owner Lessor's Interest, as the case may be, is free and clear of all Liens (other than Owner Lessor's Liens, Owner Participant's Liens and Indenture Trustee's Liens), (d) taking into account the remaining terms of the Site Lease and the Site Sublease, and (e) in the case of the Fair Market Rental Value, taking into account the terms of the Facility Lease and the other Operative Documents. If the Fair Market Sales Value or Fair Market Rental Value of the Owner Lessor's Interest is to be determined during the continuance of a Lease Event of Default or in connection with the exercise of remedies by the Owner Lessor pursuant to Section 17 of the Facility Lease, such value shall be determined by an appraiser appointed solely by the Owner Lessor on an "as-is", "where-is" and "with all faults" basis and shall take into account all Liens (other than Owner Lessor's Liens, Owner Participant's Liens and Indenture Trustee's Liens); provided, however, in any such case where the Owner Lessor shall be unable to obtain constructive possession sufficient to realize the economic benefit of the Owner Lessor's Interest, Fair Market Sales Value or Fair Market Retail Value of the Owner Lessor's Interest shall be deemed equal to $0. If in any case other than in the preceding sentence the parties are unable to agree upon a Fair Market Sales Value or Fair Market Rental Value of the Owner Lessor's Interest within 30 days after a request therefor has been made, the Fair Market Sales Value or Fair Market Rental Value of the Owner Lessor's Interest shall be determined by appraisal pursuant to the Appraisal Procedures. Any fair market value determination of a spare part or Severable Modification for purposes of Section 5.2(d) of the Facility Lease shall take into consideration any liens or encumbrances to which the spare part or Severable Modification being appraised is subject and which are being assumed by the transferee, and that such spare part or Severable Modification is being transferred on an "as-is", "where-is" basis.

  • Period of Extended Hire means any additional period that the Hirer wishes the Agency Worker to be supplied for beyond the duration of the original Assignment or series of assignments as an alternative to paying a Transfer Fee;

  • Fixed Term shall have the meaning given such term in Section 2.3.

  • Modular building retailer means any person who purchases or acquires a modular building from a