Disclosure Certificate definition

Disclosure Certificate means this Continuing Disclosure Certificate.
Disclosure Certificate has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1(w) hereof.
Disclosure Certificate means a basic disclosure certificate from the Scottish Criminal Record Office (or any successor organisation) or such certificate as may replace the basic disclosure certificate;

Examples of Disclosure Certificate in a sentence

  • Nothing in the Continuing Disclosure Certificate shall be deemed to prevent the District from disseminating any other information, using the means of dissemination set forth in the Continuing Disclosure Certificate or any other means of communication, or including any other information in any report or notice made hereunder, in addition to that which is required by the Continuing Disclosure Certificate.

  • In the event of a failure of the District to comply with any provision of the Continuing Disclosure Certificate, any beneficial owner may take such actions as may be necessary and appropriate, including seeking mandamus or specific performance by court order, to cause the District to comply with its obligations under the Continuing Disclosure Certificate.

  • If the District chooses to include any information in any report or notice made hereunder in addition to that which is specifically required by the Continuing Disclosure Certificate, the District shall have no obligation under the Continuing Disclosure Certificate to update such information or include it in any future report or notice.

  • The County hereby covenants and agrees that it will comply with and carry out all of the provisions of the Continuing Disclosure Certificate.

  • The category of AccessNI check required for this post is; Basic Disclosure Certificate You should not put off applying for a post because you have a conviction.

More Definitions of Disclosure Certificate

Disclosure Certificate means a certificate that is substantially in the form set out in Appendix 3 and signed in accordance with the Practice Direction.
Disclosure Certificate means a certificate disclosing detailed information about the Company Parties and the Collateral in form and substance satisfactory to the Purchasers on the Closing Date, together with any update on the Collateral or any other information in such certificate required to be given and given in accordance with any Transaction Document.
Disclosure Certificate means the Continuing Disclosure Certificate attached to the
Disclosure Certificate means, in respect of each Obligor and each Specified Entity, a certificate of a senior officer of such Obligor or Specified Entity (as applicable), addressed to the Administrative Agent, in form satisfactory to the Majority Lenders, acting reasonably and pursuant to which certain factual matters relating to such Obligor or Specified Entity (as applicable), the Secured Assets of such Obligor, and the Mining Licenses, are certified true and correct, together with all schedules and exhibits attached thereto or referred to therein, as the same may be updated from time to time pursuant to Section 11.1(b).
Disclosure Certificate means a certificate substantially in the form of Exhibit B to this Agreement.
Disclosure Certificate means a Hazardous Materials Disclosure Certificate substantially in the format of Exhibit G.
Disclosure Certificate means the disclosure certificate prepared, executed and delivered by the Loan Parties to the Lender.