Definition of Demolition by neglect

Demolition by neglect means neglect in maintaining, repairing, or securing a resource that results in deterioration of an exterior feature of the resource or the loss of structural integrity of the resource.

Examples of Demolition by neglect in a sentence

Demolition by Neglect: Demolition by neglect of any designated historic landmark or property located within a district shall constitute a violation of this ordinance.
Demolition by neglect authority gives the City significant new tools to proactively address deterioration of historic properties before demolition becomes the only option.
State Conference, The Heritage of Victoria What's old needs protection, Ballaarat Mechanics Institute, Ballarat, 13 to 14 November 2014; National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Lab on Demolition by neglect, Council Chambers, Geelong, 5 November 2014; and Deakin University - student visit 2014.