Structural damage definition

Structural damage means a covered building, regardless of the date of its construction, has experienced the following.
Structural damage means a “principal building,” regardless of the date of its construction, has experienced the following:
Structural damage means a significant impairment to the integrity of the whole or part of the Structure falling into one or more of the following categories:

Examples of Structural damage in a sentence

  • The vibration type (impulsive, continuous or intermittent) and application of the relevant criteria will be evaluated and selected by a suitably experienced person or in consultation with a qualified technical specialist; and• Structural damage criteria will be applied on a case by case basis, where necessary (i.e. if impacts have the potential to occur) and where appropriate to the structure under assessment.

More Definitions of Structural damage

Structural damage means damage caused by a Road Hazard that affects the performance of the tires/wheels as a result of the tire failing to hold air or the
Structural damage. Any known structural damage? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Structural damage means damage which results from a Structural Defect and must be visible and measurable, and must exceed allowable tolerances established by Travelers Insurance Company of Canada, provided always that Structural Damage caused by any acts of nature, an act or omission of a Third Party, or other causes not directly related to the Materials and Labour provided by the Builder are excluded from the home warranty insurance coverage. The presence of water in and of itself, in any form, will not be considered Structural Damage.
Structural damage to the “principal building”, including the foundation; and
Structural damage means damages caused by structural defects or weaknesses and shall include defects in the foundation, floors, stairs, roof, load bearing walls, columns, and exterior walls unless such damage has been caused by the negligent or willful acts or omissions of the Tenant or those for whom the Tenant is in law responsible;
Structural damage means a covered building has experienced at least one (1) of the following: