Deferral Period definition

Deferral Period has the meaning set forth in Section 3(i) hereof.
Deferral Period means the period of time during which Deferred Shares are subject to deferral limitations under Section 7 of this Plan.
Deferral Period shall have the meaning indicated in Section 4(k)(ii) hereof.

Examples of Deferral Period in a sentence

  • The leave should commence immediately following the end of the Deferral Period.

  • Deferral Period (Benefits Structuring) During the deferral period, any benefits related to the rate of wages shall be structured according to the wages the participant would have received during the deferral period had he/she not been in the Plan.

  • Each Participant’s Leave of Absence will immediately follow his Deferral Period.

  • Purchases under these promotional programs are referred to as “Promotional Purchases.” The notice will refer to each such promotional program as a “Promotional Purchase” and will describe the period during which Promotional Purchases can be made, any minimum or maximum dollar amount and the type of purchases that qualify, and the period of time in each Deferral Period.

  • Each Participant will take his leave of absence immediately after his Deferral Period, in any event not exceeding 6 years after the Commencement Date.

More Definitions of Deferral Period

Deferral Period has the meaning set forth in Section 3(h) hereof.
Deferral Period means the period during which the receipt of a Deferred Stock Award under Section 6 of the Plan will be deferred.
Deferral Period. See Section 3(i) hereof.
Deferral Period has the meaning specified in Section 5.3
Deferral Period has the meaning set forth in Section 2.12(a).
Deferral Period means the period commencing on an Interest Payment Date with respect to which the Company elects or is deemed to elect to defer interest pursuant to Section 2.05 and ending on the earlier of (i) the fifth anniversary of that Interest Payment Date and (ii) the next Interest Payment Date on which the Company has paid all deferred and unpaid amounts (including Compounded Interest) and all other accrued interest on the Debentures.
Deferral Period with respect to any series of Securities, means any period during which the Company elects to extend the interest payment period on such series of Securities pursuant to Section 4.01(b); provided that a Deferral Period (or any extension thereof) may not extend beyond the Stated Maturity or the Redemption Date of any Security of such series and must end on an Interest Payment Date or, if the Securities are redeemed, on an Interest Payment Date or the Redemption Date for such Securities.