Target Group definition

Target Group means the Target and its Subsidiaries.

Examples of Target Group in a sentence

  • The Target Group controls an entity when the Target Group is exposed to, or has rights to, variable returns from its involvement with the entity and has the ability to affect those returns through its power over the entity.

  • Upon the completion of Transaction, the Company will provide financial support to the Target Group up to the next twelve months from the date of this Circular so as to enable it to meet its liabilities as and when they fall due and carry on its business without a significant curtailment of operations.

  • The Target Group applies the acquisition method to account for business combinations.

  • In addition, any amounts previously recognised in other comprehensive income in respect of that entity are accounted for as if the Target Group had directly disposed of the related assets or liabilities.

  • Under these circumstances, the Directors of the Company believe that the Target Group will continue as a going concern.

More Definitions of Target Group

Target Group means a population group for which the unemployment level is at least 25% higher than the statewide unemployment level, or a population group for which the average wage received is less than 1.2 times the minimum wage as estab- lished under ch. 104 or under federal law, whichever is greater. No population group is required to be located within a contiguous geographic area to be considered a target group.
Target Group means the Target and each of its subsidiaries.
Target Group means the specific population identified in a state plan amendment to receive targeted case management services from providers meeting specific eligibility requirements. Targeting may be done by age, type or degree of disability, illness or condition, or any other identifiable characteristic or combination thereof.
Target Group means the Target and each of its Subsidiaries in each case for the time being and “Target Group Member” means any of those persons.
Target Group means Target and its Subsidiaries.
Target Group means the Target and its Subsidiaries for the time being.
Target Group means the group of companies comprising the Targets and each of their direct and indirect subsidiaries;