Custom App definition

Custom App or “Custom Application” means a Licensed Application custom developed by You for use by specific organizations or third-party business customers, including proprietary Licensed Applications developed for Your organization’s internal use.
Custom App has the meaning given to that term in the Agreement. “Customer Data” has the meaning given to that term in the Agreement.

Examples of Custom App in a sentence

  • For Application submissions to the App Store or Custom App Distribution for some Apple operating systems (e.g., for watchOS), Apple may require You to submit an intermediate representation of Your Application in binary file format for the LLVM compiler (“Bitcode”).

  • New or modified Program Requirements will not retroactively apply to Applications already in distribution via the App Store or Custom App Distribution; provided however that You agree that Apple reserves the right to remove Applications from the App Store or Custom App Distribution that are not in compliance with the new or modified Program Requirements at any time.

  • Similarly all bug fixes, updates, upgrades, modifications, enhancements, supplements to, revisions, new releases and new versions of Your Application must be submitted to Apple for review in order for them to be considered for distribution via the App Store or Custom App Distribution, except as otherwise permitted by Apple.

  • As part of Your Application submission to the App Store or Custom App Distribution, Apple may optimize Your Application to target specific devices by repackaging certain functionality and delivered resources (as described in the Documentation) in Your Application so that it will run more efficiently and use less space on target devices (“App Thinning”).

  • All Applications must be signed with an Apple Certificate in order to be installed on Authorized Test Units, Registered Devices, or submitted to Apple for distribution via the App Store, Custom App Distribution, or TestFlight.

  • If You would like to distribute paid Applications via Custom App Distribution, You must enter into a separate agreement with Apple (“Schedule 3”).

  • Applications that meet Apple's Documentation and Program Requirements may be submitted for consideration by Apple for distribution via the App Store, Custom App Distribution, or for beta testing through TestFlight.

  • You hereby acknowledge that Apple will market and make the Licensed Applications available for download by end-users, through one or more App Stores or the Custom App Distribution Site, for You and on Your behalf.

  • Distribution of free (no charge) Applications (including those that use the In-App Purchase API for the delivery of free content) via the App Store or Custom App Distribution will be subject to the distribution terms contained in Schedule 1 to this Agreement.

  • App Distribution You may submit Your Application for consideration by Apple for distribution via the App Store or Custom App Distribution once You decide that Your Application has been adequately tested and is complete.

Related to Custom App

  • Custom Software means Software identified as such in Appendix 4 of the Contract Agreement and such other Software as the parties may agree in writing to be Custom Software.

  • Custom Deliverable means the Work Product that Contractor is required to deliver to DTS under this Contract.

  • Custom Materials means Materials developed by the Supplier at the Procuring Entity's expense under the Contract and identified as such in Appendix 5 of the Contract Agreement and such other Materials as the parties may agree in writing to be Custom Materials. Custom Materials includes Materials created from Standard Materials.

  • Customer Portal means a web portal maintained by Liferay or a Liferay Affiliate that provides for various resources accessible to Liferay Subscription customers as further described in Section 2.1 below.

  • Customer User means an employee of Customer, a Customer Affiliate or Business Partner.

  • Software Order Form means the order form for the Software, Third Party Software and related SAP Support ordered by Licensee thereunder, including information on Software, Third Party Software, SAP Support, fees, and other information necessary for the delivery of such items to Licensee.

  • Merchant Network Upgrades means additions to, or modifications or replacements of, physical facilities of the Interconnected Transmission Owner that, on the date of the pertinent Transmission Interconnection Customer’s Upgrade Request, are part of the Transmission System or are included in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan. Merchant Transmission Facilities:

  • Customer Systems means the Customer's information technology infrastructure, including computers, software, hardware, databases, electronic systems (including database management systems), and networks, whether operated by Customer or through the use of third-party services.

  • Cloud Service Order Form means all written order forms or other ordering documentation for Cloud Services entered into by SAP, or a SAP SE Affiliate or a reseller of SAP SE or an SAP SE Affiliate, and Prime Contractor.

  • Custom Calling Features means a set of Telecommunications Service features available to residential and single-line business customers including call-waiting, call-forwarding and three-party calling.

  • Custom program means a computer program which is specifically designed and developed only for

  • Customer System means the Customer's computing environment (consisting of hardware, software and/or telecommunications networks or equipment) used by the Customer or the Supplier in connection with this Contract which is owned by or licensed to the Customer by a third party and which interfaces with the Supplier System or which is necessary for the Customer to receive the Services;

  • Support Services the support services, as described in the Support Services Description, that We provide to You in respect of the Cloud Service.

  • Additional Services shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.03(a).

  • Supplier System means the information and communications technology system used by the Supplier in performing the Services including the Software, the Equipment and related cabling (but excluding the Customer System);

  • system user means a natural or legal person supplying to, or being supplied by, a transmission or distribution system;

  • Service Drop means a cable that, by its design, capacity and relationship to other cables of the Company, can be reasonably considered to be for the sole purpose of connecting backbone of the Equipment to not more than one individual customer or building point of presence or property;

  • Service Specifications means the following documents, as applicable to the Services under Your order:

  • Network User means each natural or legal person having concluded a Standard Transmission Agreement with the TSO for Transmission Services in the Transmission Grid.

  • Maintenance and Support Services means the services provided by Contractor under Appendix F.

  • Statement of Work means the description of activities performed in completing the Project, as specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Recreational Services means (unless otherwise defined in this document) services that consist of participation in:

  • Technical Support Services means the technical support and maintenance Services provided by us according to our then-current technical support policy and procedure listed at (“Technical Support Policy”) when the Services are purchased.

  • Customer Content means all software, data (including personal data), information, text, images, audio, video, photographs, non-AVEVA or third-party applications, and other content and material, in any format, provided by Customer, any of Customer’s users, or on behalf of Customer that is stored in, or run on or through, the Products and Support Services.

  • Operational Services the operational services described as such in the Services Description;

  • New Service Customers means all customers that submit an Interconnection Request, a Completed Application, or an Upgrade Request that is pending in the New Services Queue.