Credit information definition

Credit information means information about you, including your name, age, date of birth, occupation, place of residence, previous places of residence, occupancy length, marital status, co-occupant’s/spouse’s/same-sex partner’s name and age, number of dependants, particulars of education or professional qualifications, field of employment, places of employment, previous places of employment, employment durations, estimated income, paying habits, outstanding debt obligations, cost of living obligations, involvement in bankruptcy proceedings or landlord and tenant disputes, assets, and banking information (including account and credit card information).
Credit information means any information related to credit that is contained in or derived from a credit report, or provided in an application for personal insurance. Information that is not related to credit shall not be considered “credit information” regardless of whether the information is contained in or derived from a credit report or an application for credit or is used to calculate an insurance score.
Credit information means personal information that includes the following:

Examples of Credit information in a sentence

  • Credit information relating to Lessee may be disseminated among Lessor and Assignee and any of their affiliates and any of their respective successors and assigns.

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Credit information. I agree and authorize you to obtain credit information about me from time to time (for example, by requesting a credit report) and to report to others your credit experience with me (such as a credit reporting agency). I agree to provide you, upon request, any financial statement or information you may deem necessary. I warrant that the financial statements and information I provide to you are or will be accurate, correct and complete.
Credit information. As to each consumer report (as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Public Law 91-508) or other credit information furnished by the Seller to the Purchaser, the Seller has full right and authority and is not precluded by law or contract from furnishing such information to the Purchaser and the Purchaser is not precluded by the terms of the Mortgage Loan Documents from furnishing the same to any subsequent or prospective purchaser of such Mortgage. The Seller has in its capacity as servicer, for each Mortgage Loan, fully furnished, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its implementing regulations, accurate and complete information (i.e., favorable and unfavorable) on its borrower credit files to Equifax, Experian Credit Information Services, Inc. and Trans Union Credit Information Company (three of the credit repositories), on a monthly basis;
Credit information means any credit-related information derived
Credit information means any information relating to
Credit information means any credit-related information derived from a consumer report, found on a consumer report itself or provided on an application for personal insurance. "Credit information" does not include information that is not credit-related regardless of whether it is contained in a credit report or application or used to calculate an insurance score.[PL 2003, c. 223, §1 (NEW).]
Credit information means any positive or negative information bearing on a data subject’s credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living including, but not limited to, the history or profile of the data subject with regard to credit, assets or financial obligations;
Credit information means all information, documents, representations, particulars and clarifications furnished by the Borrower or the Guarantor to the Bank in any form from time to time and shall include the information contained in the Application.