Continuation Notice definition

Continuation Notice as defined in Section 2.17(a).
Continuation Notice a request for continuation or conversion of a Loan as set forth in Section 2.6, substantially in the form of Exhibit C.

Examples of Continuation Notice in a sentence

  • The Borrower may elect from time to time to convert Base Rate Loans to LIBOR Loans by the Borrower giving the Agent at least three Eurodollar Business Days' prior irrevocable written notice of such election pursuant to a Continuation Notice.

  • Upon the Sublessee's delivery of the Continuation Notice, if no Default exists through and including the Termination Date, the Sublessee shall have the right at its option to continue the Term of this Sublease through [ * ] .

  • If, after receiving the Continuation Notice, the Sublessor notifies the Sublessee in writing of an alleged Default, then for the purposes of this Section 3(f), the Sublessee shall have 15 days in which to cure a monetary Default and 30 days in which to cure a non-monetary Default after receiving such notice.

  • The undersigned Lender is delivering this Continuation Notice in response to the Extension Request dated __________, 20__.

  • Such continuation right shall be exercised in a written 11 17 notice, from the Sublessee to the Sublessor, delivered at least 180 days prior to the [ * ] (the "Continuation Notice").

More Definitions of Continuation Notice

Continuation Notice means a Continuation Notice substantially in the form of Exhibit D.
Continuation Notice shall have the meaning set forth in Section 10(a).
Continuation Notice is defined in Section 2.10.
Continuation Notice is defined in Section 2.9.
Continuation Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6.
Continuation Notice has the meaning specified in Section 2.22.
Continuation Notice means a notice of continuation and certificate duly executed by an Authorised Representative of the Borrower, substantially in the Agreed Form.