Confirmation Notice definition

Confirmation Notice means a notice provided by the Issuer to an Investor in accordance with clause 1.3(c) of the Terms;
Confirmation Notice means a notice sent by a board of elections, on a form prescribed by the secretary of state, to a registered elector to confirm the registered elector's current address.
Confirmation Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2(a)(ii).

Examples of Confirmation Notice in a sentence

  • Where the Registration Application has been rejected the CMA shall provide reasons for such rejection in the Confirmation Notice and the Licensed Provider shall be entitled to submit another Registration Application to the CMA for the Supply Point(s) provided that the Licensed Provider has corrected the cause of such rejection.

  • The CMA shall issue a Confirmation Notice to the Incoming Licensed Provider within one (1) Business Day of the Registration Application Date.

  • For example, if the spouse of an Access Person is employed by a broker-dealer or registered investment adviser that has adopted a code of ethics that requires the spouse to maintain personal securities accounts at a non-designated broker-dealer (including the employer itself), the Firms will defer to that requirement as to that account so long as the Duplicate Confirmation Notice and Statement Requirement (see Section F.5. of this Code) is satisfied.

  • Upon official Exhibit Space assignment, Exhibitor will receive a Booth Confirmation Notice.

  • On receipt of your application, we shall send a Confirmation Notice advising you of the number of units/shares purchased on your behalf and their value.

More Definitions of Confirmation Notice

Confirmation Notice means, in relation to a notice sent through the Jisc Ordering Platform, the email generated by the platform confirming receipt of the notice and sent to each of the Publisher and the Institution.
Confirmation Notice means that notice defined as the Confirmation Notice in Section V.A.7. of the Combined Plan and Disclosure Statement.
Confirmation Notice means a notice sent to a registered voter
Confirmation Notice means, in relation to a Facility, EFSF's written notice to the Beneficiary Member State substantially in the form of the applicable Annex to the relevant Facility Specific Terms setting out the definitive financial terms of the Financial Assistance under the relevant Facility, Instalment or Tranche that EFSF is willing to extend to the Beneficiary Member State under this Agreement and the Facility Specific Terms.
Confirmation Notice means a notice sent to a
Confirmation Notice means a notice, approved by the State Board, that is sent by forwardable mail with a return card.
Confirmation Notice means a notice sent to a regis- tered voter by first-class forwardable mail at the address indi- cated on the voter's permanent registration record and to any other address at which the county auditor or secretary of state could reasonably expect mail to be received by the voter in order to confirm the voter's residence address. The confirma- tion notice must be designed to include a postage prepaid, preaddressed return form by which the registrant may verify the address information. [2009 c 369 § 7; 2005 c 246 § 3; 2004 c 267 § 104; 2003 c 111 § 203. Prior: 1994 c 57 § 33. Formerly RCW 29.10.011.]