Auction Notice definition

Auction Notice has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition ofDutch Auction”.
Auction Notice shall contain the date, time and place of auction and a copy of the inventory of the contents of the Locker made in terms hereof.

Examples of Auction Notice in a sentence

  • Each Auction Notice shall be in a form reasonably acceptable to the Auction Agent and shall specify (i) the total cash value of the bid, in a minimum amount of $5,000,000 with minimum increments of $1,000,000 in excess thereof (the “Auction Amount”) and (ii) the discounts to par, which shall be expressed as a range of percentages (the “Discount Range”), representing the range of purchase prices (expressed as discounts to par) that could be paid in the Auction for such Term Loans at issue.

  • Bidders are able to participate as per Auction Notice in any auction by adding funds 1,00,000.00 to their own wallets as per EMD requirement and selecting items at any time before the auction ends.

  • On acceptance of the Base Bid, SICOM Limited shall then publicly call (by issuing Public Auction Notice) for Counter Bid(s) from other Bidder(s), on comparable terms, by disclosing the essential elements of the Base Bid and also clearly specifying the minimum mark-up that would be acceptable (“Public Action Process”).

  • Once initiated by an Auction Notice, the Borrower or its Subsidiary, as applicable, may not withdraw an Auction other than a Failed Auction.

More Definitions of Auction Notice

Auction Notice as defined in Section 2.12(f)(i).
Auction Notice shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.12(e).
Auction Notice has the meaning specified in Schedule 2.19.
Auction Notice has the meaning set forth in Schedule 2.14.
Auction Notice shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Exhibit I.