Auction Notice definition

Auction Notice has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition ofDutch Auction”.
Auction Notice has the meaning specified in the definition ofDutch Auction.”

Examples of Auction Notice in a sentence

  • The Seller (only) will be permitted access to the Workspace from 0800 hours on the day of the Auction and will notify the OTF Operator of any changes to the Auction details and Auction Notice no later than 0900 hours on that day.

  • The OTF Operator will amend the Auction Notice and Workspace as necessary in accordance with instructions from the Seller.

  • By 1600 hours on the Business Day preceding the day of the Auction the Seller will provide the OTF Operator with details of the Auction (including a draft Auction Notice).

  • Eligible Auction Participants must bid the Clip Size, as specified in the Auction Notice, or whole number multiples of the Clip Size.

  • The OTF Operator and Seller will furnish each other with email addresses and telephone numbers for issuing documentation such as the Auction Notice and Auction Results.

More Definitions of Auction Notice

Auction Notice shall contain the date, time and place of auction and a copy of the inventory of the contents of the Locker made in terms hereof.
Auction Notice as defined in Section 2.12(f)(i).
Auction Notice has the meaning set forth in Schedule 2.14.
Auction Notice shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.12(e).
Auction Notice as defined in Section 5.19(a).