Common Equipment definition

Common Equipment is any school equipment or structures that is designed to be used or shared by more than one individual. This includes, but is not limited to, technology, books, computers, recess/playground equipment, physical education equipment, pens, pencils, etc.
Common Equipment means 9-1-1 Call Handling System control equipment provided by the Equipment Vendor which will be located at two or more Data Centers and will facilitate call processing for local and remote PSAP client workstations.
Common Equipment means and include facilities/equipments such as lifts, all electrical, club house equipment, lightings, fire fighting and common air conditioning systems, security systems, fire alarm system, PA system, DG set, electrical transformer and other equipment as more particularly described in SCHEDULE 6. The Promoter shall install/provide the above common equipments on one time basis which shall be handed over by the Promoter to the Maintenance Society upon its formation. These equipments shall be used for common purpose under the control and supervision of the Promoter/Maintenance Society, as the case may be. The repairs, maintenance and replacement of such common equipment shall be the responsibility of and be done by the Maintenance Society or any agency as appointed, at its own costs and risks.

Examples of Common Equipment in a sentence

  • The Common Equipment and Station Links must be under the same Payment Plan.

  • BellSouth Centrex service subscribers may at any time during their selected Payment Plan and Rate Stability Plan period choose another Payment Plan with a Common Equipment monthly rate equal to or greater than their current Common Equipment rate and a Rate Stability Plan period equal to or greater than the amount of time remaining on their existing Rate Stability Plan period.

  • The rates applicable for the Common Equipment and Station Links must be under the same Payment Plan.

  • Rates for the Station Links, Standard Features, Optional Features, and other rate elements in this section associated with BellSouth Centrex service will not be increased for the Rate Stability Plan period associated with the Common Equipment.

  • Upon expiration of Customer's Centrex Service contract, the Common Equipment rate(s) set forth in such contract shall continue to apply on a month-to-month basis.

More Definitions of Common Equipment

Common Equipment is defined in Subparagraph 3(a)(vi).
Common Equipment means equipment that is generally available in the industry and does not contain any Oclaro intellectual property in its base state and includes equipment currently owned by Oclaro and located in Shenzhen, Zurich and Sanmina Texas.
Common Equipment means the Network less the Strands but including the pole attachments, cable covering, in-line electronics, poles and other similar items which are required to install, direct and retain the Strands between different points of the Network. It is the intent that the Common Equipment shall be owned by the Participants as a Network Right. Common Equipment does not include poles individually owned by the City.
Common Equipment has the meaning given to such term in the recitals and includes all ancillary equipment necessary to support the operation of the Substations, including land, site preparation, improvements (control building and other permanent buildings), communications equipment, control equipment, SCADA, relays, batteries, battery chargers, cable trench, cabling, local service, security equipment, fencing, yard gravel, and grounding. Each Owner’s Common Equipment, sorted by Substation, on the Effective Date is identified on Exhibit A or Exhibit B.
Common Equipment is defined as follows:
Common Equipment means any equipment (other than Third Party Dedicated Equipment) which is owned by a Seller or any Subsidiary of a Seller (and used in connection with the transmission of signals to or from a Tower Site) and an Affected Lessor that is not an Affiliate of any Seller.
Common Equipment means any Equipment at any NGW Station which is wholly or partly used to provide Network Access and which is shared or available for shared use by National Grid Wireless, Customer, MTS Providers and/or any other party authorised by National Grid Wireless from time to time;