Domestic Service definition

Domestic Service means in-house use plus lawn & garden sprinkling to a maximum area of 1/10 of an acre;
Domestic Service means services related to the care of an individual in a private home or the

Examples of Domestic Service in a sentence

  • Domestic service companies are not their employers but brokers, whose legal duty is to facilitate the establishment of a contract between two parties.

  • The Shorthaul - Domestic service represents a discount on tariffs relating to the quantity of actually transmitted gas (tariffs for gas for operational purposes) relating to the capacities booked at the entry point domestic point and/or the exit point domestic point in accordance with the terms of this Article.

  • Domestic service is labour intensive, and it is unlikely to be replaced by machines in the near future.

  • Domestic service companies’ main legal obligation, as brokers, is to provide valid information to their clients.

  • Domestic service, in particular, was provided to 44,806 people in total, making it the most frequently used item.

More Definitions of Domestic Service

Domestic Service means scheduled or non-scheduled air transportation (excluding Charters) for transport of passengers and goods from and to the same point or between points wholly within Canada.
Domestic Service means service within the territorial limits of the fifty states.
Domestic Service means military service by a veteran during the period of service in 1 or more states of the United States or in the District of Columbia.
Domestic Service means an occasional, irregular, or incidental nonhazardous occupational activity related to and conducted in or around a private residence, including but not limited to babysitting, pet sitting or similar household chore, and manual yard work. Domestic service specifically excludes industrial homework.
Domestic Service means employment in a private household and includes employment as cook, driver, gardener, garde malade, maid, seamstress.