Project Results definition

Project Results means any and all Institute-Funded Technology and Institute-Funded IPR.
Project Results means all data and results of the Project.
Project Results means all work, ideas, concepts and reports and Intellectual Property in such things developed or created by the Contractor, alone or with others, in the course of performing the Project or otherwise arising out of the use of any of ACARA’s time, materials, resources, or facilities;

Examples of Project Results in a sentence

  • It is too early to report any progress for the current reporting period.Using the Project Results Framework as per the approved project document or any amendments-provide an update on the achievement of key outcome indicators for Outcome 2 in the table belowIf the outcome has more than 3 indicators , select the 3 most relevant ones with most relevant progress to highlight.Where it has not been possible to collect data on indicators, state this and provide any explanation.

  • Continuous projects and describe each of the Communication/Outreach/Education elements needed for either type of project.Sharing Project Results and Project Promotion• The Team will develop a summary of the inventory table focused on how projects share results and how projects are promoted to recruit volunteers Review of SAFMC Citizen Science Program Promotional Flyer• The Finance & Infrastructure Action Team is developing a promotional flyer for use to solicit Program partners.

More Definitions of Project Results

Project Results means any tangible or intangible result of the project referred by the Contract for Awarding Funds, such as data, knowledge or information, whatever their form or nature, regardless of whether they can be protected or not, that are generated through project activities, as well as any rights to the same, including intellectual property rights.
Project Results means data, reports, Deliverables, and any other Know-How developed or produced in the course of Development Activities performed under any Project Schedule; excluding Inventions.
Project Results means the results and items set forth in the SOW which arise out of the Mask and Prototyping Services performed by Samsung for IXYS hereunder for delivery to IXYS.
Project Results means results, conclusions, and work product conceived or created by University Personnel in the course of performing this Agreement, including but not limited to tangible items, such as reports, computer programs and prototype hardware, and intangible items such as IP, data, information, ideas and concepts.
Project Results means, for an Approved Research Project:
Project Results refers to all results from the work performed in the Project, including all intellectual property rights, such as inventions (patentable or not), patents, designs and know-how etc, that arise in connection with the Project. Right of ownership to Project Results is due to the person or persons who is/are the originator of the results, in accordance with the following provisions. The Parties are aware that the so-called “teacher exception” means that researchers employed by the University are due ownership of the Project Results in the stead of the University, and that the University is precluded from any possibility of owning the Project Results. The rights due to the University as a Party below, in terms of ownership, right of access to the Background Information of another Party and Project Results, right to publish etc., shall thereby also apply to an employee of the University in accordance with the “teacher exception”. The obligations devolved upon the University in terms of obligations to make Background Information or Project Results available are devolved upon the University’s researchers, where applicable, through the agency of the University. The University undertakes to sign a so-called researcher agreement with the relevant researcher(s) to the extent required for the University to be able to meet its obligations under the Project Agreement.
Project Results means the information to be provided pursuant to Section 5.1, in the form prescribed by Schedule “E”;