Project Results definition

Project Results means any and all Institute-Funded Technology and Institute-Funded IPR.
Project Results means all work, ideas, concepts and reports and Intellectual Property in such things developed or created by the Contractor, alone or with others, in the course of performing the Project or otherwise arising out of the use of any of ACARA’s time, materials, resources, or facilities;
Project Results means all data and results of the Project.

Examples of Project Results in a sentence

  • Only Two assumptions were listed in the Project Results Framework section: NHMSs each country recognize the value of technical assistance on the areas of intervention outlined in this project document, and Countries request assistance from this initiative.

  • Building these partnerships among the many stakeholders needed extensive effort.16 13 UNDP GEF Project Document, Project Results Framework.

  • RECIPIENT and its Collaborators, and (to the extent applicable) any third party participating in the development of the Project Results, shall retain ownership of the Institute-Funded Technology and the Institute-Funded IPR, subject to the terms of the Contract.

  • During the term of the Contract and continuing thereafter for so long as RECIPIENT has ongoing obligations to the INSTITUTE with respect to protection, development, commercialization and licensing of Project Results pursuant to Attachment D, RECIPIENT shall provide information about commercialization activities in a format specified by the INSTITUTE.

  • The approval of the final report will be subject to the upload of the Project deliverables in Erasmus+ Project Results Platform by the time of its submission.

More Definitions of Project Results

Project Results means any tangible or intangible result of the project referred by the Contract for Awarding Funds, such as data, knowledge or information, whatever their form or nature, regardless of whether they can be protected or not, that are generated through project activities, as well as any rights to the same, including intellectual property rights.
Project Results means data, reports, Deliverables, and any other Know-How developed or produced in the course of Development Activities performed under any Project Schedule; excluding Inventions.
Project Results means, for an Approved Research Project:
Project Results means the results and items set forth in the SOW which arise out of the Mask and Prototyping Services performed by Samsung for IXYS hereunder for delivery to IXYS.
Project Results means the information to be provided pursuant to Section 5.1 in the form prescribed by Schedule “D”;