Serviceable definition

Serviceable when used to describe an Engine or Part, means in an airworthy condition within the limits defined in the applicable Engine manuals, specification and/or publications by the type certificate holder.
Serviceable means, with respect to land, that:
Serviceable means presently usable.

Examples of Serviceable in a sentence

  • Underserved LocationA Broadband Serviceable Location without access to broadband internet speeds of at least 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.

  • TermsDescription Broadband Serviceable Location (“BSL”) Premises that include one or more residents, businesses, or community anchor institutions where fixed broadband internet access service is or could be installed.

  • The evidence may include the allowable evidence for an Availability Challenge from Table 1, but may also include evidence such as failure to pass inspection or other evidence that demonstrates that the provider is unable to deliver service to Broadband Serviceable Locations as claimed.

  • Serviceable materials are to be stocked in the place pointed out by the places pointed out by Engineer Incharge.

  • Unserved LocationA Broadband Serviceable Location without access tobroadband internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload.

More Definitions of Serviceable

Serviceable means a part that meets all OEM and aviation authority specified standards for airworthiness, including in relation to its storage, and has no known defects, which would render it unfit for service; “Units” means, together, Exchange Units and Off Units; “Unserviceable” means not Serviceable.
Serviceable means any Rating Unit situated within 30 metres of a public wastewater or stormwater drainage scheme to which it is capable of being effectively connected, either directly or through a private drain, but which is not so connected.
Serviceable. Means presently useable.
Serviceable means a rating unit to which water is not being supplied, but the property it is situated within 100 metres of the water supply.
Serviceable means a Good which fulfils the operational purpose for which it was initially designed for and which shall be certified in accordance with any relevant manufacturer
Serviceable means the rating unit is not connected to a public sewerage drain but is within 30 metres of such a drain.
Serviceable means capable of being used for its intended purpose.