Clearing System definition

Clearing System means Monte Titoli S.p.A., with offices in Piazza degli Affari no. 6, Milan, Italy ("Monte Titoli").
Clearing System means Euroclear France SA ("Euroclear France").
Clearing System means each of Clearstream Banking, société anonyme, Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V., as operator of the Euroclear System, or such other clearing system specified as the Clearing System for delivery of Eligible Assets in the relevant Final Terms or Series Offering Document, as applicable;

Examples of Clearing System in a sentence

  • However, in place of the said Bank Guarantee(BG), the tenderer may also deposit the guarantee amount in the form of demand draft issued by a scheduled bank or through Electronic Clearing System (ECS)/ any other electronic means in favour of the Area Manager (VARANASI), Food Corporation of India.

  • Settlement Clearing System: U.S. Federal Reserve Banks Additional Risk Factors The Offering Circular and this Pricing Supplement do not describe all of the risks and other ramifications of an investment in the Notes.

  • Settlement Cycle means, in respect of an Index, the period of Clearing System Business Days following a trade in the securities underlying the Index on the relevant Exchange in which settlement will customarily occur according to the rules of such Exchange, or, in respect of a Multiple Exchange Index, the longest of such periods.

  • Each tender must be accompanied by an Earnest Money Rs 7990/- value of contract amounting Rs 399492/- ( Rupees Three Lakhs Ninety Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety Two only) in the form of a D.D. / Pay Order issued by a Scheduled Bank or through Electronic Clearing System (ECS) / other electronic means in favour of the FCI.

  • DIRECT DEBIT BANKI authorise and request the UFUQ (ID 404605) to debit my account through ‘Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS)’.

More Definitions of Clearing System

Clearing System means, in respect of correction of a Share Price, the principal domestic clearing system customarily used for settling trades in the relevant Shares on any relevant date.
Clearing System means, in relation to a Series of Notes, Euroclear, Clearstream, Luxembourg and CMU and/or any other clearing system located outside the United States specified in the relevant Pricing Supplement in which Notes of the relevant Series are for the time being held, or, in relation to an individual Note, in which that Note is for the time being held;
Clearing System means Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt, Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn ("CBF").
Clearing System means Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V. (“Euroclear”), Clearstream Banking, société anonyme, the Central Moneymarkets Unit Service (“CMU Service”), Austraclear Limited (ABN 94 002 060 773), as operator of the Austraclear System (“Austraclear”) and/or any other clearing system specified in the relevant Final Terms.
Clearing System means the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”), Cedel Bank, societe anonyme, the Euroclear system and such other clearing or safekeeping system that may from time to time be used in connection with transactions relating to or the custody of any Securities, and any depository for any of the foregoing.
Clearing System means (i) CREST, (ii) Euroclear, (iii) Clearstream, Frankfurt, (iv) Clearstream, Luxembourg or (v) any other recognised clearing system in which ETC Securities of a Series may be cleared.
Clearing System means DTC and any other clearing system specified in the relevant Pricing Supplement.