Principal Amount of the Notes Sample Clauses

Principal Amount of the Notes. The Notes shall be initially issued in an aggregate principal amount of $600,000,000.
Principal Amount of the Notes. The Company agrees that the principal amount of the Notes will not exceed 75% of the lesser of the appraised value or the cost of the property covered by the Project. The Company shall demonstrate compliance with this covenant on a quarterly basis. The "cost of the property" shall mean the purchase price of the Project Site plus the amount of the construction cost through and after completion of construction.
Principal Amount of the Notes. Each of the Notes evidence the indebtedness of Sterling and UniMedia Company, as the case may be, in the full principal amount as set out in the Note.
Principal Amount of the Notes. The Notes shall have an initial principal amount of $1,500,000,000. The Company may from time to time, without the consent of the Holders of the Notes and in accordance with the Indenture and the Debt Guarantee Program, create and issue further notes having the same terms and conditions as the Notes in all respects so as to form a single series with the Notes.

Related to Principal Amount of the Notes

  • Outstanding Notes The Notes outstanding at any time are all the Notes authenticated by the Trustee except for those canceled by it, those delivered to it for cancellation, those reductions in the interest in a Global Note effected by the Trustee in accordance with the provisions hereof, and those described in this Section as not outstanding. Except as set forth in Section 2.09 hereof, a Note does not cease to be outstanding because the Company or an Affiliate of the Company holds the Note. If a Note is replaced pursuant to Section 2.07 hereof, it ceases to be outstanding unless the Trustee receives proof satisfactory to it that the replaced Note is held by a bona fide purchaser. If the principal amount of any Note is considered paid under Section 4.01 hereof, it ceases to be outstanding and interest on it ceases to accrue. If the Paying Agent (other than the Company, a Subsidiary or an Affiliate of any thereof) holds, on a redemption date or maturity date, money sufficient to pay Notes payable on that date, then on and after that date such Notes shall be deemed to be no longer outstanding and shall cease to accrue interest.

  • Designation and Principal Amount There is hereby authorized a series of debt securities designated the "____% Junior Subordinated Deferrable Interest Notes due ____", limited in aggregate principal amount to $____________, which amount shall be as set forth in any written order of the Company for the authentication and delivery of Notes pursuant to Section 2.02 of the Indenture.