Trading System definition

Trading System means the Company’s electronic trade execution system that is used for the trading of Swaps, including the associated hardware, software, systems and communications links.
Trading System means a wholesale market system for use for the trading of short- term quantities of Gas.

Examples of Trading System in a sentence

  • Participant shall be responsible for, and shall take and maintain appropriate steps to ensure, the security of Participant’s (and Participant’s Authorized Traders’) use of the Trading System.

  • CUSTOMER TYPE INDICATOR (CTI) CODES(a) Each Participant must identify each transaction executed on the Trading System on the record of transactions submitted to the SEF with the correct CTI Code.

  • BLOCK TRADES(a) The SEF shall set the minimum block sizes for all Swaps listed on the Trading System , which shall be equal to or greater than the appropriate minimum block sizes established by CFTC Regulation § 43.6. (b) The SEF will publish the list of contracts for which it permits and facilitates the bilateral trading and execution of Block Trades on its website.

  • Transactions executed on the SEF must be executed either on the SEF Central Limit Order Book (“CLOB”) or the SEF RFQ Trading System (“RFQ Trading System ”) pursuant to this chapter.

  • For Transactions executed on the Trading System or pursuant to the SEF Rules, including Block Trades, the SEF will report the Primary Economic Terms and Confirmation Data to a Swap Data Repository.

More Definitions of Trading System

Trading System means a trading system operated by Operator through which Trade Requests submitted by or for Venue Users (directly or through a Broker) are able to be Arranged or Executed on a particular Market Segment.
Trading System means any device, software, network or system used by or for you or with which you communicate for the purpose of entering, facilitating or routing orders or trading.
Trading System means the electronic trading system of the SEF established and operated by FTSEF, or any successor thereto, that is made available by FTSEF to Participants for trading in Swaps.
Trading System means the Nodal Trading Facility