Claims Administrator definition

Claims Administrator means the firm of Gilardi & Co. LLC.

Examples of Claims Administrator in a sentence

  • Case Management is a service provided by the Claims Administrator whereby alternative benefits may be offered which are not otherwise eligible expenses but would prove to be more effective for the Participant and a cost savings to the Plan Administrator.

  • The Claims Administrator does not furnish health care services or supplies but only makes payment for eligible health care expenses that are incurred by Participants.

  • On occasion, HEBP, in its role as Claims Administrator, may deny all or part of submitted claims.

  • HEBP will provide a full and fair review of any determination of a claim, any determination of a request for precertification, and any other determination made as the Claims Administrator in accordance with the benefits and procedures detailed in Member’s Plan.

  • The Claims Administrator processed the responses as provided for in the Stipulation of Settlement approved by the Court, including skip tracing and re-mailing undeliverable notices.

More Definitions of Claims Administrator

Claims Administrator means the Board of Directors or such other person designated by the Board of Directors from time to time and named by notice to Executive.
Claims Administrator means Gilardi & Co. LLC.
Claims Administrator means a self-administered insurer providing security for the payment of compensation required by Divisions 4 and 4.5 of the Labor Code, a self-administered self- insured employer, a self-administered joint powers authority, a self-administered legally uninsured, or a third-party claims administrator for a self-insured employer, insurer, legally uninsured employer, or joint powers authority.
Claims Administrator means Strategic Claims Services, which shall administer the Settlement.
Claims Administrator means Strategic Claims Services.
Claims Administrator means the Administrator or its designee responsible for administering claims for benefits under the Plan.