PUMP STATIONS Sample Clauses

PUMP STATIONS. The Engineer shall provide the following services:
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PUMP STATIONS. Pump station design is not included in the basic scope of services.
PUMP STATIONS. The Engineer shall provide the following services: DocuSign Envelope ID: E6BC4953-CD40-42B4-8A24-1AF55737BB1F
PUMP STATIONS. A. Pump Stations shall be reviewed by VBMU for conformance with these standards, and its suitability for the proposed development on a case-by-case basis.
PUMP STATIONS. Develop potential new pump station facilities that may be needed for the operation of the Project. Identify potential right-of-way requirements and estimated costs for the proposed alternatives.
PUMP STATIONS. Using the data collected and developed during the pre-feasibility phase, refine the design of the required pump stations. Again, the level of detail utilized for the pump station will be accurate enough to develop relatively complete cost data on the pump station. At this stage, the need for the pump station should be understood.
PUMP STATIONS. The GEC shall review preliminary and final calculations of the pump size and the hydraulic and hydrology characteristics of any pump stations at depressed roadway sections. The GEC shall review any reports DocuSign Envelope ID: 360767BB-496E-485E-A084-34C2F0EDCC5B Contract No. 02-7SDP5001 PS No. 6907 prepared by Developers and determine acceptability for submission for review and approval of the STATE
PUMP STATIONS i. All pump stations will be monitored by SCADA 24 hours/day (see also 3G(i) and 4G(ii)) ii. Pump station sites will be physically visited twice weekly iii. Wet xxxxx will be cleaned for grease and debris build-up as needed iv. Pumps will be rebuilt/replaced as needed v. Pump stations will have an uninstalled backup pump available vi. Pump stations will have backup generators and pumps available in the event of an emergency
PUMP STATIONS i. Temporary pump stations shall meet the specifications required for permanent pump stations
PUMP STATIONS. The Engineer shall use previous hydraulic studies to the maximum extent possible to avoid duplication of work. The ENGINEER shall evaluate the adequacy of the existing pump station, pumps, systems controls, electrical, mechanical, and structural components. The comprehensive report shall include a pump station analysis and design for the 2% AEP and analyzed for the 1% AEP flood design. The Engineer shall provide the following services: