Charterers definition

Charterers means any future charterers of the Vessel notified to the Managers pursuant to Clause 5.3;
Charterers as used in the Agreement shall mean each of TECO Barge Line and TECO Ocean. As used in the TBL Charter, “Charterer” shall mean TECO Barge Line. As used in the TOS Charter, “Charterer” shall mean TECO Ocean.
Charterers means any charterers of any of the Vessels from time to time.

Examples of Charterers in a sentence

  • In case of Xxxxxxxx, the Captain to report the same to Receivers and Charterers immediately.

  • December 2022 TO : Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Charterers, Ship Masters, Classification Societies and the Shipping Community SUBJECT : Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 – On-board Complaint Procedures PURPOSEThis circular serves to notify all parties concerned of the requirements of MLC 2006 for on-board complaint procedures for the fair, effective and expeditious handling of seafarer complaints alleging the breaches of the requirements of the MLC Convention.

  • The Vessel shall be re-delivered on the expiration of the Charter in the same good order as when delivered to Charterers (fair wear and tear excepted) at Punta Arenas, Chile, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on a weekday, or between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, but the day of redelivery shall not be a Sunday or legal Holiday in the port of delivery.

  • The Pilot, Master, Officers and Crew of the vessel, and any tow boat person or facility assisting the vessel, shall not be agents or employees of Charterers and the Charterers shall not be liable for any loss, damage or claims resulting from or arising out of negligence or error of any of them while vessel is proceeding to or lying at any place of loading and/or discharging.

  • If the Charterers prematurely terminate this Time Charter, Charterers shall pay to Owners upon such termination the daily fixed charter rate as an Early Termination Charge until such time as vessel is rechartered.

More Definitions of Charterers

Charterers means the Company and Torm Singapore.
Charterers means Serenity Owners Inc., a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Xxxxxxxx Islands whose registered address is at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx XX00000;
Charterers means Fronape and Transpetro;
Charterers means each of the Initial Charterer and the Subsequent Charterer and "CHARTERER" means each of them;
Charterers means the person or entity who requests a Charter through the Site and our Services;
Charterers. Any of the following approved parties, or any other agreed to by Seller and Buyer- CNR, Shell, Koch, Stena, BP, Morgan Xxxxxex, XX Xhipping (Glencore), Scorpio, Repsol, Trafigura, Petrobras, Navig8, Valero, Norden, Cargill, Total, Vitol, Clearlake Shipping (Gunvor), Exxon, Mercuria, Chevtex, ENI, Nobal, Statoil, Reliance, Unipec, Philips 66, PetrochinaForm of the Charter PartyInternational Standard Form such as Shell time, etc and including sanctions language in Schedule 6Charter Hire – at market levels as determined using the BCTI Daily FFA rate assessments for the same size vessel for the MRTCE route, but not below Vessel breakeven (to be defined as the aggregate of Vessel operating expenses, principal payments and interest expense) SCHEDULE 6 SANCTIONS LANGUAGE FOR PERMITTED CHARTER PARTIES Trading of the Vessel shall be always within IWL safely afloat excluding Cuba, ports in the Mediterranean Sea east of 34 Degrees East longitude and South of 34 Degrees North Latitude , Liberia, Orinoco River and Haiti, North Korea, Viet Nam, Kampuchea, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Albania, Yugoslavia and former Yugoslavian Countries, Somalia, Cyprus, C.I.S. (Russian) Pacific Ports, Gulf of Aqaba and all ports east of a line drawn between Port Said and Iskenderun (however Port Said and Iskenderun are to be included in allowable trading ranges, Gulf of Aden, those countries prohibited by the country of the vessel’s flag, any area(s) and/or country(ies) banned and/or boycotted by the U.N. and/or U.S. and/or EU and/or UK and/or war or war-like zones. Owners agree to trade to Finland, however, it is understood and agreed that regarding trading to Finland, the Vessel is intended to be a member of Pan Hellenic Seaman’x Xxxxx Agreement (Pan Hellenic Seaman’x Xxxxxation); however, notwithstanding Clause No. 2, Charterers shall indemnify and defend Owners/Operators/Vessel for any and all delays, expenses, fines and/or penalties as result of trading to or from Finland and all time shall continue to count as on-hire. If any of the above country(ies) are deemed at any future date by the Charterers and Owners to be politically and economically feasible to trade with, without hardship to either party, and without breaching sanctions and/or restrictions imposed by the UN, EU, flag state or other authority the parties shall seek to agree a mutually acceptable basis upon which to resume such trading. In a similar manner, if any included country(ies) or trading rang...
Charterers means the Sellers in their capacities as bareboat charterers under the Charter.