Voyage definition

Voyage means any movement of a ship that originates from or terminates in a port of call and that serves the purpose of transporting passengers or cargo for commercial purposes;
Voyage means any transit by a vessel destined for any Washington port.
Voyage means any transit by a vessel destined for any Oregon port.

Examples of Voyage in a sentence

  • Notably, in 1748, the Oxford English Dictionary records the first instance of “catastrophe” used to mean a sudden disaster in George Anson’s A Voyage Round the World.

  • We anticipate sustaining programs and future voyages through these funding streams beyond the grant period, while growing in-kind donations from education partner commitments and volunteers.By securing State Grant-in-Aid funds, we anticipate that this will encourage giving to the Moananuiākea Voyage from major donors, which will increase our sustainability in future years.

  • McNamee, 231.ENGLAND: THE 1700S‌The Oxford English Dictionary cites George Anson’s A Voyage Round the World, a travelogue published in 1748, as the first work to use “catastrophe” in the broader sense of a sudden disaster.

  • These transaction fees will be reduced by $ 0.0030/t (Futures on Dry Bulk Voyage Routes Freight) or$ 3.00/d (all other Freight Futures and Options) in the following case:The trading participant is a new trading participant or it grants a new client access to EEX as an indirect trading participant ( mittelbare Handelsteilnehmer) within the meaning of Article 2 para 8 of the German Exchange Act (Agency Clients).

  • Here is your opportunity to take the Holistic Holiday at Sea Voyage to Wellness cruise home with you!Purchase the full package of 43 classes for the pre- cruise price of $225 or, purchase a package of 20 lectures by indivudally selecting your choices for the pre-cruise price of $150.

More Definitions of Voyage

Voyage means a voyage from the port of departure to the next following port of call whether or not it is the ultimate destination of the vessel.62
Voyage. , in relation to a ship, means the whole time and the whole distance when the ship is at sea between the ship’s port of departure and its port of arrival;
Voyage means each separate and distinct journey that begins when a vessel reaches Regulated California Waters from a point beyond Regulated California Waters, includes at least one port visit, and ends when the vessel departs from Regulated California Waters.
Voyage means voyage as defined in Article 3, point (c) of Regulation (EU) 2015/757;
Voyage means voyage of a vessel to or from U.S. ports.
Voyage means a journey by water from one port—
Voyage means a movement between two or more ports in the Charterer’s liner service or in the Charterer’s contract carriage operations.