Shipyard definition

Shipyard means any yard or dry dock (including the precincts thereof) in which ships or vessels are constructed, reconstructed, repaired, refitted or finished; and
Shipyard means Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.

Examples of Shipyard in a sentence

Cochin Shipyard Limited does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender but reserves to itself the right to reject any or all or a part of any tender at its discretion.

Ensuring and maintaining quality will be the responsibility of the Shipyard.

In case of foreign bidders, the same would be to bidders account and shall not be borne or reimbursed by Shipyard.

For arranging payment, six copies of your invoice along with work completion certificate shall be forwarded to "THE DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER (SRM & PP), Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin -682015" within 15 days from the date of completion of work.

The Maritime Administration determined in a recent study on the Economic Benefits of the U.S. Shipyard Industry that there are nearly 110,000 skilled men and women in the Nation’s private shipyards building, repairing and maintaining America’s military and commercial fleets.1 The report found the U.S. shipbuilding industry supports nearly 400,000 jobs across the country and generates $25.1 billion in income and $37.3 billion worth of goods and services each year.

More Definitions of Shipyard

Shipyard means the Builder's shipyard at Papenburg, Germany;
Shipyard means, in relation to the Vessel, the Buildersfacilities where the Vessel is being built and which are located at Numakuma, Japan or Tadotsu, Japan, as the case may be.
Shipyard means any floating or a land based facility comprising of all or any amongst the following as essential features, namely,- waterfront, turning basin, berthing and docking facility, slipways and ship lifts, and, located within the territories of India and undertaking construction, manufacture, reconstruction or repair of vessels in India.
Shipyard means any facility or area designed or used for the manufacture, assembly, or repair of ships, barges, or boats.
Shipyard means a place, including lands, wharfs or docks and building or part thereof are used for construction, assembly, disassembly, repair, service and storage of larger marine vessels.
Shipyard or "Shipbuilder" means TDI-Halter, Limited Partnership, a Louisiana limited partnership.
Shipyard means Cosco Zhoushan, China.