Cash Balances definition

Cash Balances means cash in hand or credited to any account with a financial institution and securities which are readily convertible into cash;
Cash Balances means, with respect to Lessee and its Subsidiaries at any time, the sum, determined on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP, of (a) the unrestricted, unencumbered cash of Lessee and its Subsidiaries at such time and (b) the market value of unrestricted, unencumbered Cash Equivalents and short-term marketable securities (that are classified as current assets in accordance with GAAP) of Lessee and its Subsidiaries at such time. (In calculating Cash Balances, Cash Equivalents and short-term marketable securities shall be marked to market quarterly.)

Examples of Cash Balances in a sentence

  • The "actual" data, as presented in the comparison of budget and actual, will differ from the data as presented in the Combined Statement of Receipts, Disbursements, and Changes in Cash Balances with Combining Information because of adopting certain aspects of the budgetary basis of accounting and the adjusting of encumbrances and outstanding warrants to their related budget year.

  • These Wallet Terms relate to the use of the Wallet, Cash Balances and Issued Tokens and the Exchange’s role and responsibilities in relation thereto.

  • For the purposes of financial reporting, “Ending Cash Balances, June 30” includes cash and cash equivalents and investments as allowed by statutes.

  • The Cash Balances and/or Issued Tokens are based on the Blockchain, which is a private permissioned blockchain operated by the Exchange, which is still in a relatively early development stage and is unproven for this purpose.

  • Wallet for the sole purpose of making/receiving payment for the purchase/sale of Issued Tokens from/to Issuers/Participants via the Platform (including payment for any ancillary fees imposed by the Exchange) and where applicable, in relation to the payment (with Cash Balances) of dividends, interest payments and other entitlements, to Participants that hold the relevant Issued Tokens, and holding Cash Balances and/or Issued Tokens.

More Definitions of Cash Balances

Cash Balances means, at any relevant time, an amount equal to the aggregate amount which is, at such time, credited to and/or invested in the Earnings Accounts;
Cash Balances means cash balances held by the Joint Account at the Completion Date;
Cash Balances has the meaning set forth in the Exchange Agreement.
Cash Balances means cash balances held by the Joint Account at the Economic Date;
Cash Balances. As of any date of determination, on a consolidated basis, cash balances as reflected on the books of the Borrowers and their Subsidiaries, giving effect to any checks drawn on any accounts.