Capsule definition

Capsule means all dosage forms of capsules as set forth in Appendix C of the Orange Book, including capsule; capsule, delayed release (DR); capsule, delayed release pellets (DRP); and capsule, extended release (XR).
Capsule means CapsuleTech, Inc., 300 Brickstone Square, Suite 203, Andover, Massachusetts 01810, for Licensees located in the US & Canada; Capsule Technologies SAS, 9B rue Villa Pierre Ginier, 75018 Paris, France, for Licensees located outside the US & Canada.

Examples of Capsule in a sentence

  • Despite the setback caused by the crash of the Sample Return Capsule upon return to Earth, high accuracy el- ement abundance results now exist for bulk solar wind samples for over a dozen elements.

  • Deep Brain Stimulation of the Ventral Anterior Limb of the Internal Capsule for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

  • Capsule stiffness kcaps is determined both by bulk elasticityincrease, which reaches a steady value as low as dP/dt = 0.2 ±0.08 kPa·d−1 (Fig.

  • Bibette J, Chu L, Carreras ES, Royere A, Bremond N (2012) Method for Manufactur- ing Capsule Series, and Related Capsule Series, US patent publication 2012/0003285 (January 5, 2012).

  • Treatment of Danhong Injection Combined with Naoxintong Capsule in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Undergoing PCI Operation: Study for a Randomized Controlled and Double-Blind Trial.

More Definitions of Capsule

Capsule means a solid dosage form in which a medicinal
Capsule is defined in Section 2.11 hereof.
Capsule a small aluminum container allowing a patron to insert a symbolic distribution of cremation ashes, a DNA sample, or other material(s) acceptable to TRQ standards. The capsule shall not be owned, nor leased, nor altered by the patron. The capsule will at all times be the property of TRQ, unless ownership rights are transferred to a LSP as a condition of a rideshare. To the best of TRQ's abilitysignificant planning, engineering, and production will be made to ensure the patron's contents are preserved and protected from the harsh environment of outer space, as well as surface conditions of an alien celestial body. The term “capsule” is not to be confused with: the Orion Multi- Purpose Crew Vehicle (Orion MPCV), SpaceX's Crew Dragon, Blue Origin's New Xxxxxxx Crew Capsule, Boeing’s Starliner Crew Capsule, or similar spacecraft. “Completed Mission” – when an advertised benchmark is met within a specified mission. “Cosmoleum℠” [/koz-muh-lee-uh m/]: (etymology – a celestial resting place for the symbolic distribution of cremation ashes.) For purposes of this agreement – a service provided by TRQ, whereby a patron places a small symbolic distribution of an honoree's cremation ashes into an individualized capsule, provided by TRQ, for delivery into space as part of a specified mission. The patron acknowledges that the spaceflight delivery service of the capsule containing the symbolic distribution of the honoree's cremation ashes is not for the purpose of a “final disposition,” and this spaceflight delivery service does not constitute preneed sales or funeral/burial services – as defined in Florida State Statute Chapter 497, and Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule. The patron shall follow all instructions by TRQ regarding the collection of cremation ashes; the returning of the capsule within a postage-paid envelope which complies with USPS regulation Label 139 of the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®); and agrees that contents (cremation ashes) could be subjected to inspection by TRQ, a LSP, an LSP's subcontractor, or appropriate jurisdictional agency responsible for permitting payload deliveries. The patron acknowledges that the cremated ashes are not intended to be buried at sea, as defined and/or restricted by the EPA's Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA). Consistent with 40 CFR 229.1 of the MPRSA – The patron acknowledges that should an accidental scattering of ashes at sea occur due ...
Capsule information and described in such letter do not agree with the corresponding amounts set forth in the unaudited consolidated financial statements or were not determined on a basis substantially consistent with that of the corresponding amounts in the audited statements of income;
Capsule has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Capsule means "a soluble shell or container, usually made of gelatin, which encloses a dose of medication, vitamins, or other nutritional preparation that is taken orally."