Bottle definition

Bottle means any vessel intended to contain liquids and having a capacity of not more than 43
Bottle or "bottling" means a process, separate from manufacturing, using owned or leased equipment to fill and seal a container, including a keg, with alcoholic liquor for sale at wholesale or retail in accordance with this act. Bottle or bottling does not include filling a growler for sale at retail.
Bottle means any container, vessel, bottle or other receptacle used for holding any alcoholic beverage. "Unsealed bottle" means a bottle with the original seal, cork, cap or other enclosing device either broken or removed, or on which the federal revenue strip stamp has been broken.

Examples of Bottle in a sentence

  • However, the name of Drug / Medicine (Generic & Brand), equally prominent, should be printed/ written in indelible ink both in English and Urdu on the outer cartons and on each Pack, Bottle, Strip/ Blister, Tubes etc.

  • LVP Fluid bottles should be FFS / BFS Plastic Bottle as per revised Schedule – M and Eye / Ear Drops should be of FFS plastic bottles.

  • Examples: Aprons for staff AshtraysBar towels Bottle openersChange trays/tab trays Champagne corkers CoastersCorkscrewsDraught tap handles Drip matsFlags, pennants, banners Hats for staffInflatables Lapel pins Menu clips Mirrors/clocks Patio umbrellas Place mats Plastic glasses PostersQuick pourers (speed spouts) Serviettes/napkinsServing traysSigns (not identifying the licensee) Special schedules on display for patrons T‐shirtsTent cards Sweatshirts Swizzle sticks 3.

  • One 32mm dia C.P. Bottle Trap is to be fixed to the Waste of the Basin & the outlet of the bottle trap is to be connected to the waste pipe to discharge the waste to the Pipe, to discharge the waste to the aforesaid floor trap.

  • CP Bottle Trap with connected CP Waste Pipes, CP Waste Couplings etc, (as per the drawings).

More Definitions of Bottle

Bottle means to place and seal a substance in the container in which it will be offered for retail sale;
Bottle. (“potel”), the noun, means a closed container of any kind in which water is sold for drinking by humans or from which water sold for drinking by humans is derived, and “bottle” (“potelu”), the verb, and cognate expressions, is construed accordingly;
Bottle means any closed or sealed container regardless of
Bottle means bottle as denined in clause (b) of Section 2 of the Act; (h) “brewer of sale” means a person who
Bottle or "bottling" means a process, separate from
Bottle means any closed or sealed container regardless of size or shape, including, without limitation, those made of glass, metal, paper, plastic, or any other material or combination of materials.
Bottle means a non-returnable glass receptacle of specified size, shape and color used in the packaging of AB's beverage products, and which otherwise conforms to the applicable Specifications including, without limitation, any New Bottle.