Definition of Final disposition

Final disposition means the burial, interment, cremation, removal from the state, or other disposition of a dead body or fetus.

Final disposition means the implementation of a court order for the disposition or placement of a youth as provided in 41-5-1422, 41-5-1503, 41-5-1504, 41-5-1512, 41-5-1513, and 41-5-1522 through 41-5-1525.

Final disposition means the ultimate termination of the criminal prosecution of a defendant including, but not limited to, dismissal, acquittal, or imposition of a sentence by the court.

Examples of Final disposition in a sentence

Final disposition of such solids (e.g., landfill, other subsequent treatment unit).
Final disposition of all collected specimens shall be determined by the Commission.
Final disposition of a motion for a family access order filed pursuant to this section shall take place not more than sixty days after the service of such motion, unless waived by the parties or determined to be in the best interest of the child.
Final disposition shall be reported back to the complainant and the alleged harasser in a timely manner and will also be filed with the State Chancellor’s office in Sacramento.
Final disposition and resolution shall be documented by Developer within an IFA-provided database application.

More definitions of Final disposition

Final disposition means a determination by final judicial decision from which there is no further right to appeal by a final disposition.

Final disposition means the final resolution of any liability for any Tax for any taxable period by or as a result of: (a) a final and unappealable decision, judgment, decree or other order by any court of competent jurisdiction; (b) a final binding written settlement with the IRS relating to the Section 45 Credits, a signed closing agreement or accepted offer in compromise under Code Sections 7121 or 7122, or a comparable arrangement under the Laws of another jurisdiction; (c) any allowance of a refund in respect of an overpayment of Tax, but only after the expiration of all periods during which such amount may be recovered by the Governmental Authority imposing the Tax; or (d) any other final resolution, including by reason of the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations.

Final disposition means the burial, interment,

Final disposition means the burial, cremation, interment, or other legal disposition of a dead body or fetal remains.

Final disposition means the burial, interment, cremation, removal from the state or other authorized disposition of a dead body or fetus, except that when removal from the state is conducted by the holder of a certificate of removal registration issued under ORS 692.270, the final disposition may not be considered complete until the certificate of death is filed.

Final disposition means the disposition of human remains by entombment, burial, cremation, or removal from the state.

Final disposition means the point beyond which no further processing takes place and paint has been transformed for direct use as a feedstock in producing new products or is disposed of, including for energy recovery, in permitted facilities. [2013, c. 395, §1 (NEW).]