Definition of Building II Base Rent

Building II Base Rent means those amounts as set forth in Section 13.17 of this Lease, plus applicable sales tax, if any; but subject to adjustment as provided in this Lease.

Examples of Building II Base Rent in a sentence

Until the Expansion Premises Termination Date, all terms, provisions, conditions and Tenant obligations and responsibilities with respect to the Expansion Premises, including, without limitation, the obligation to pay Building II Base Rent, shall continue and be in full force and effect in accordance with the Lease.
In such event, Building II Base Rent shall abate in the ratio that the portion of Tenants Building II Square Footage taken or sold bears to Tenants Building II Square Footage.
Upon the Expansion Premises Termination Date, the Leased Premises shall no longer include the Expansion Premises, and Tenant shall no longer be responsible for paying any Building II Base Rent, operating expenses or other payments due under the Lease attributable or allocable to the Expansion Premises accruing on and after the Expansion Premises Termination Date.
The initial base rent for the Second Expansion Premises shall be an amount equal to the Building II Base Rent applicable as of the Second Expansion Commencement Date, and such Second Expansion space base rent shall be adjusted thereafter in amounts equal to the Building II Base Rent adjustments for the remaining time period of the Lease Term.
The commencement date for Tenants occupancy of the Expansion Premises and for the payment of Building II Base Rent shall be that date which is the earlier of (i) the issuance of the certificate of occupancy by the applicable governmental authority for the Tenants Work described in Section 5 below, or (ii) subject to Section 5(a) below, 120 days after the Effective Date hereof (the Expansion Commencement Date).