Price Bid definition

Price Bid means Envelope III of the Bid, containing the Bidder’s quoted Price as per the Section- IV of this RFS;
Price Bid means the price bid submitted by the bidder with the quoted rates of the bidder.

Examples of Price Bid in a sentence

  • Bids are liable to be rejected if only one (i.e. Technical Bid or Price Bid) is received.

  • In case of normalization and/or revision, they would also be advised to submit fresh “Price Bid” which should either be equal to or less than the Prices quoted in the Original Price Bid.

  • Price Bid containing only the price should be kept in a separate envelope.

  • Claim for any such impact after opening the Price Bid will not be considered by BHEL for reimbursement of tax or reassessment of offer.No reimbursement/recovery on account of increase/reduction in the rate of taxes, levies, duties etc.

  • Both the sealed envelopes (The Technical Bid Envelope and The Price Bid envelope) are to be put again in a single sealed envelope super-scribing “QUOTATION FOR EMPANELLMENT OF DRUGGIST/ CHEMIST, the Tender enquiry No. with Date and the last due date for submission” and addressed to the Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital, Jail Road, (Near Govt.

More Definitions of Price Bid

Price Bid means the proposal submitted by the Bidder giving details of the price part/rates as per the format given in Annexure IV of the Bid Document.
Price Bid means separate Envelope, containing the Bidder’s Quoted Price as per the format prescribed in Section-4 (Technical & Special Conditions of Contract) of this BID;
Price Bid means Envelope II: Price Bid of the Bid, containing the Bidder’s quoted Price as per this RFP;
Price Bid means the same as per Clause No. 1.1.24.
Price Bid means the 8.15.2;
Price Bid means the Bidder’s quoted Price as per the Section - IV of this RFP;
Price Bid means the Schedule of Rates or Price Schedule annexed to the Acceptance of Tender and shall also include the total cost to the Company.