The Bidders definition

The Bidders means the firms / company participating in the tender process and submitting Bid;
The Bidders means those organisations who have expressed an interest in, and pre-qualified for, carrying out the Contract and as may be reduced through the competitive dialogue process.
The Bidders means the Agency Bank/ Service Provider participating in the tender process and submitting Bid;

Examples of The Bidders in a sentence

  • The Bidders shall submit on the specified date and time and either at its physical address or through online submission as indicated in paragraph 7 of the IB.

  • The Bidders shall comply with the eligibility criteria under Section 23.4.1 of the 2016 IRR of RA No. 9184.

  • The Bidders are requested to change the Password after the receipt of initial Password from M/s.

  • The Bidders can update well in advance, the documents such as certificates, annual report details etc., under My Space option and these can be selected as per tender requirements and then send along with bid documents during bid submission.

  • The Bidder(s) / Contractor(s) will not instigate third persons to commit offences outlined above or be an accessory to such offences.

  • The Bidders shall be responsible for all of the costs associated with the preparation of their Bids and their participation in the Bidding Process.

  • The Bidders may depute their representatives, duly authorized in writing, to attend the opening of Bids on the due date and time.

  • The Bidders will have the option to click on AGREE button to change their earlier quoted price to the H1 Price discovered in the auction for the quantity they have bided in the auction session.

  • The Bidders and their respective officers, employees, agents and advisers shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the Selection Process.

  • The Bidders are required to quote in Indian Rupees/Quintal for each item on offer.

More Definitions of The Bidders

The Bidders means Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and / or Authorised Dealer (AD) of the OEMs participating in the tender process and submitting Bid;
The Bidders means the Chartered Accountant firms/ Service Provider participating in the tender process and submitting Bid;
The Bidders means those organizations who have expressed an interest in and pre-qualified for carrying out the Contract and as may be reduced through the competitive dialogue process “The Commencement Date” means the date on which the Agreement is executed by the Authorities “The Contract” means the contract for the treatment and disposal of residual waste on behalf of the Authorities which is procured under the Agreement

Related to The Bidders

  • The Bidder means the individual or firm who participates in this tender and submits its bid.

  • Eligible Bidder(s) means Bidder(s) who are eligible in terms of this E-Auction Process Memorandum, provisions of IBC and provisions of the Liquidation Process Regulations;

  • Responsive bidder means a person who has submitted a bid that conforms in all material respects

  • Responsive Bidder or Offeror means a person who submits a bid or proposal which conforms in all material respects to the invitation for bids or request for proposals.

  • Bidders means any enterprise, consortium or person, partnership, company, close corporation, firm or any other form of enterprise or person, legal or natural, which has been invited by NHLS to submit a bid in response to this bid invitation.

  • Eligible bidder means a person who is:

  • Price Bid means the Price Bid submitted by the Bidder, in accordance with Clause 8.15.2;

  • Base Bid means a Bid for Public Works to be performed or Supplies or Services to be furnished under a City Contract, including additives, alternates, deductives, excluding force accounts, and taxes collected separately pursuant to Washington Administrative Code (“WAC”) 458-20-171.

  • Responsive Bid means a Bid that complies with each of the provisions of this RFB, or is either an alternative bid or a bid with an exception, if accepted by the Agency.

  • Alternative Bid means a response to a bid that does not meet the exact requirements of the specification but offers an alternative for consideration. An alternative bid is submitted with an intentional variation to a provision, specification, term or condition of the solicitation. This alternative, in the opinion of the bidder, achieves the same end result. Alternative bids may be rejected as non-responsive.

  • Competitive bidding means a transparent process for procurement of equipment, services and works in which bids are invited by the project developer by open advertisement covering the scope and specifications of the equipment, services and works required for the project, and the terms and conditions of the proposed contract as well as the criteria by which bids shall be evaluated, and shall include domestic competitive bidding and international competitive bidding;

  • competitive bidding process means a competitive bidding process referred to in paragraph 12 (1) (d) of this Policy;

  • Contract base bid means the total dollar amount a contractor bids on a contract without factoring any bid incentive or percentage reductions to the bid amount.

  • Instructions to Bidders means the document which provides interested Bidders with all information needed to prepare their Bids. This document also details out the process for the selection of the Consultant for the work mentioned in this tender document.

  • Competitive Bid means an offer by a Lender to make a Competitive Loan in accordance with Section 2.04.

  • Successful Bidder(s) means the bidder(s) to whom work in this tender is awarded.

  • Qualified Bidder(s means a Bidder who fulfills the eligibility criteria listed out in the E-Auction Process Information Document.

  • Tenderer/Bidder means any persons, partnership firm or company submitting a sum or sums in the Bills of Quantities in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderers, Conditions of Contract Parts I and II, Specifications, Drawings and Bills of Quantities for the work contemplated, acting directly or through a legally appointed representative.

  • Non-responsive Bid means a bid, which is not submitted as per the instructions to the bidders or Earnest Money Deposit has not been attached, or the required data has not been provided with the Bid or intentional errors have been committed in the Bid.

  • Competitive Bid Note means a promissory note of any Borrower payable to the order of any Lender, in substantially the form of Exhibit A-2 hereto, evidencing the indebtedness of such Borrower to such Lender resulting from a Competitive Bid Advance made by such Lender to such Borrower.

  • Alternate Bid means multiple Bids with substantive variations from the same Bidder in response to a Solicitation.

  • Competitive Bid Accept/Reject Letter means a notification made by a Borrower pursuant to Section 2.03(d) in the form of Exhibit A-4.

  • Bidder/Bidding Company means Bidding Company submitting the Bid. Any reference to the Bidder includes Bidding Company / including its successors, executors and permitted assigns as the context may require;

  • Technical Bid means the bid submitted online through the electronic bidding platform, containing the documents as listed out in Clause 2.5.2 of this RFP;

  • Responsible bidder or offeror means a person who at the time of Contract Award has the capability to perform the Contract requirements and the integrity and reliability which will assure good faith performance.

  • bid means a written offer in a prescribed or stipulated form in response to an invitation by an organ of state for the provision of goods or services, through price quotations, advertised competitive bidding processes or proposals;