relevant document definition

relevant document has the meaning given in the Master Trust Deed.
relevant document means a document relating to the catching, landing, transportation, transhipment, sale or disposal of shellfish.
relevant document means a Document of Compliance, an Interim Document of Compliance, a Safety Management Certificate or an Interim Safety Management Certificate;

Examples of relevant document in a sentence

  • For the purposes of this Agreement and each other Relevant Document, the conditions relating to sending and receiving information in electronic form are those in Part 4 of the Contract and Commercial Law Xxx 0000 (and any other applicable law from time to time).

  • The Guarantor, if applicable, must not assign, grant a security interest over, or otherwise part with possession of the whole or any part of the Guarantor’s rights, title, interest or obligations under this Agreement or any other Relevant Document.

  • In respect of this Agreement and each other Relevant Document, we must give notices and other formal communications to you in writing, which may be by means of an electronic message, using the details provided on page 1 of this Agreement (or any other details we reasonably believe to be your details).

  • CREDIT FEES Variation fee $98.00 We may charge you this fee if we agree to vary the terms of this Agreement, the Mortgage or any other Relevant Document.

  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, this Agreement and each other Relevant Document contains all the terms in relation to their subject matter that apply between you and us, and supersede all previous agreements, understandings and negotiations in relation to their subject matter.

More Definitions of relevant document

relevant document means any of them; and
relevant document means (for the purposes of paragraph 2(d) of Chapter 1 in Part 4) any document required or authorised to be delivered to the Registrar in respect of a LLP by or under any provision of the Limited Liability Partnerships Regulations, other than a document specified below. A document is not a relevant document if–
relevant document means each of:
relevant document means any one of such documents;
relevant document means any advertisement, notice or other written material which might reasonably induce any person to use the services of another in connection with the acquisition or disposal of an interest in land.
relevant document means a document which must be published under section 8(1) or (3) of the 2009 Act.
relevant document means any document which a local housing authority is, by virtue of any provisions of Parts 1 to 4 of the Act, under a duty to serve on any person.