relevant document definition

relevant document means, with respect to a Receivable:
relevant document has the meaning given in the Master Trust Deed.
relevant document means a document relating to the catching, landing, transportation, transhipment, sale or disposal of shellfish.

More Definitions of relevant document

relevant document means any of them; and
relevant document means (for the purposes of paragraph 2(d) of Chapter 1 in Part 4) any document required or authorised to be delivered to the Registrar in respect of a LLP by or under any provision of the Limited Liability Partnerships Regulations, other than a document specified below. A document is not a relevant document if–
relevant document means a family permit, registration certificate, residence card, document certifying permanent residence or permanent residence card issued by the UK under the EEA Regulations by virtue of regulation 9(1) to (6) on the basis of an application made under the EEA Regulations before (in the case of a family permit and where the applicant is not a dependent relative) 1 July 2021 and otherwise before 11pm on 31 December 2020, or a biometric residence card issued by virtue of having been granted limited leave to enter or remain under Appendix EU, or an entry clearance in the form of an EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit granted under or outside Appendix EU (Family Permit), which both:
relevant document means a Document of Compliance, an Interim Document of Compliance, a Safety Management Certificate or an Interim Safety Management Certificate;
relevant document means any one of such documents;
relevant document means the resident’s residence contract or public information document.
relevant document means a document which must be published under section 8(1) or (3) of the 2009 Act.