Available Proceeds definition

Available Proceeds means, with respect to a Liquidation Event or Enforcement Event, as of a particular day:
Available Proceeds means the amount of the award paid to Landlord, less cost of obtaining the same (including attorneys’ fees and appraisal fees) and less the amount thereof required to be paid to a mortgagee or ground lessor. In the event Landlord fails to commence restoration of the Project and/or the Premises within sixty (60) days after the taking, Tenant shall have the right to terminate the Lease upon sixty (60) days’ prior written notice to Landlord.

Examples of Available Proceeds in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, where a Physical Redemption Amount is payable by the Issuer in respect of any Notes, the Assets comprised in such Physical Redemption Amount shall not, in any way, constitute Available Proceeds.

More Definitions of Available Proceeds

Available Proceeds means the amount of Cash received at any time by Old CNC from its liquidation of Residual Assets, after the payment in full in Cash of (a) the reasonable costs and expenses associated with the liquidation (including, without limitation, the payment of any taxes, assessments, insurance premiums, repairs, legal fees and costs, rent, storage and sales commissions), and (b) if applicable, the reasonable costs and expenses associated with the Residual Trust.
Available Proceeds means, at any time, the amount of cash equity contributed to the Borrower following the Effective Date to the extent that such contribution was not previously applied to make an Investment pursuant to Section 6.04, or a Restricted Payment pursuant to Section 6.07.
Available Proceeds has the meaning defined in Section;
Available Proceeds means the sum of (i) the total aggregate amount of insurance coverage under all of Seller’s policies of insurance that are applicable to the Purchased Assets that were damaged or destroyed by the relevant Casualty during the Interim Period, plus (ii) the amount (or value, if provided in the form of property or repair assistance) of assistance that Seller has been provided (or that has been committed to be provided to Seller) in any form (including cash grant, property, or repair assistance) by any Person (including the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States or any other Governmental Authority) that may be used by Seller to cure such Casualty in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.18, plus (iii) the amounts recovered or recoverable by Seller from Customers for storm restoration in accordance with Seller’s Past Practice during similar Casualty events.
Available Proceeds means the face amount of the Bankers' Acceptance less the applicable Discount Amount and the Stamping Fee.
Available Proceeds means, in respect of a Series (and subject to Condition 7.2.5, if applicable):
Available Proceeds means, without duplication, the aggregate amount of any Excess Proceeds (as defined in the Secured Indenture or the Unsecured Indenture) that remain unapplied after compliance with the "Asset Sale Offer" provisions of Section 4.09(c) of each of the Secured Indenture and the Unsecured Indenture (and any similar asset sale offer provisions of any other documentation governing Indebtedness of the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries).